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Is It Good? Batwoman #25 Review

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Is It Good? Batwoman #25 Review

This is where things get controversial my friends. A new writer for Batwoman comes aboard (Marc Andreyko) and everything we’ve seen before and got invested in stops. This month is merely a tie-in to Zero Year and next month is when we randomly jump ahead to AFTER the big showdown we got in October. However, that still does not change the fact that things are not looking good for this issues, especially with the fact that it looks like it was a rush job. Still, is it good?

Batwoman #25 (DC Comics)


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Kathy/Kate Kane is flying into Gotham for her Uncle Philip’s funeral, who you may recall being gunned down in Batman #24. During her time there, the blackout occurs and Gotham is plunged into darkness. Kate decides to get herself involved by patrolling the city and seeing if she can stop any potential crimes.

Well, at least he didn’t get so purposely drunk that people left like with his last get together.

Alright, this issue was problematic. That is to be expected since everything was changed at the last second with a new writer, a team of artists and having to do a tie-in at the very last second. Starting with tie-in aspect: it’s pretty bad. Sure, it is good that it gave some focus to the impact of Philip’s death, since Batman #24 did not at all, but that’s not the problem. The blackout takes place in this issue… yet many locations still have their lights on. The big hurricane is coming right at Gotham currently, but wasn’t it supposed to becoming until much later during the blackout? It really does not make much sense from a timeline perspective and a little more attention to detail would have been appreciated.

Actually, a lot of things about this comic does not seem to make much sense presentation-wise, especially with the robbery Kate attempts to foil. The thieves are robbing an apartment and a kid home alone sees them. Apparently, they are robbing his apartment, but from all indication and what we are shown in the panels, they are actually robbing the one above him. He tries to signal for help and the outside shot we are shown makes it look he is on the sixth floor, but Kate reaches him on the tenth floor. In the room where she is confronted in by the thieves, it ends up changing size, wallpaper, and object location a couple of times in the span of five panels. There are several oddball moments and inconsistencies like that happening constantly throughout the story.

Is It Good? Batwoman #25 Review
Yeah, that guy probably shouldn’t have a face anymore.

I will say that the writing and voice seem on point for all characters. Kate is perfectly in character, Maggie seems like herself, Alfred is the same way, and so on. The dialogue for the comic is also just as fine save for some goofiness from the thieves. It’s just that the rest of the writing feels rather bad and rushed at points.

The artwork is where we also experience trouble, and helps contribute to the oddball nature of the writing and continuity flubs. Like I said earlier, we have four different artists with two different inkers backing them; you can tell quite easily when the artwork shifts to a completely different style and the difference can be quite jarring. There are downright weird looking faces being made by characters, tiny little heads that don’t fit on their bodies, poor panel flow, things being described by the characters are not properly conveyed in the page (one thief panics that “they are all going to die,” but there is nothing shown that indicates any reason for his panic), and other things. It just really does not look good at all.

Ever get the feeling something weird is going on with this room?

Is It Good?

Is It Good? Batwoman #25 Review 5.5

Is It Good? Batwoman #25 ReviewIs It Good? Batwoman #25 ReviewIs It Good? Batwoman #25 ReviewIs It Good? Batwoman #25 ReviewIs It Good? Batwoman #25 ReviewIs It Good? Batwoman #25 ReviewIs It Good? Batwoman #25 ReviewIs It Good? Batwoman #25 ReviewIs It Good? Batwoman #25 ReviewIs It Good? Batwoman #25 Review
  • The characters are well-written.
  • Following up on a plot point from Zero Year not touched upon was smart.
  • The storytelling and flow is very troubling.
  • All the different artists’ style clash.

Batwoman #25 is sadly not that good. While the writer Marc Andreyko gets the characters and their voices down right, the storytelling on display is very poor and the artwork is messy due primarily to how many different people worked on it. This was a clear rush job and a bad start for the new direction on the book. Hopefully the future will be better than this.

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