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Is It Good? Infinity #6 Review

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Is It Good? Infinity #6 Review

And so we’ve reached the end: Infinity’s finale. After all this time, can it finally pull out some win? Will it resolve all the loose ends that remain? Most importantly, is it good?

Infinity #6 (Marvel Comics)

Check out our review of last month’s Infinity #5 and refresh your memory.

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Our heroes have pushed through the waves of baddies and now all that is left to deal with is Thanos and his cronies. Captain America leads a small group (seriously, Cap should have brought a lot more considering who they were dealing with) to fight against Thanos, Corvus Glaive, and Proxima Midnight. Somewhere else, Black Panther and his posse must face down with Supergiant, who is in control of a planet destroying bomb and Black Bolt. How will this all end?!

Thank god Captain America has plot armor, otherwise I have no idea how he survived this fight.

Epic. That is the best way to explain this entire issue and it comes to me as huge relief. After putting up with everything the comic has pulled, it is just nice to know it didn’t end with a whimper and a generic montage like the fight with the Builders and their forces in the end. We see the fight with all the baddies and it is grand. It feels like a very fitting resolution for a story that is this large in scale (well it certainly tried at least) to end in a huge throw down.

Your tentacle powers are useless against my brainwashed king’s power of speaking! Bwahahaha!

But… there are still some problems. Not in usual areas I’ve brought up before with Infinity, like say the dialogue or decompression. No, the problems lie in the plot itself and how it handles events. The heroes, yet again, are unable to actually defeat any of the main bad guys (with the exception of Thor in past issues) and instead are saved by outside forces. This time, it is not Captain Universe, but ultimately Maximus who sends Supergiant away to another planet and Thane who encases Thanos and Midnight in what appears to be butter (Glaive is killed by pure accident). After every single battle they’ve been through, they can’t even deliver the final blow or ultimately stop the bad guy. Someone else has do it because the heroes get their asses handed to them, and it begs the question of why exactly they are supposed to be the strongest Avengers team evar (Seriously Captain America, only five heroes to fight Thanos and two of his mini-bosses?). Also, when you kind of get down to it, it’s mostly just a fight scene with all the plot progression condensed into villain monologues and rushed story telling at the end.

The comic also wrapped up most of the events from the… event in this issue, while leaving plenty open for other writers to touch on in the future or to automatically get the next event going (Who’s ready for Inhumanity?). However, there are still plenty of things left unanswered or not very clear that the writer should have touched upon. Whatever happened to Captain Universe, Nihilo, and Abyss? They just disappeared from the plot. What was the deal with the ending of Avengers #21 where all the robots were now supposed to destroy everything now? Why does Black Bolt need to pretend he is dead? Are the X-Men okay? Their school got pretty wrecked last we saw of them. Why exactly did Maw betray Thanos? . So many questions that need some clarification, so little time.

Also, where are they falling from?

One thing that this comic did not slack on in the least bit was the artwork. Jim Cheung and Dustin Weaver really bring it home; their action sequences are nothing short of incredible. No static shots, poorly drawn fights, or odd poses to be found (except for the picture above) here; just pure, awe inspiring action of the heroes and villains duking it out. The colors, the energy in the hits, bruised and battered individuals, and the impact — everything just looks impressive.

Ha! Made you look!

Is It Good? Infinity #6 Review 7.5

Is It Good? Infinity #6 ReviewIs It Good? Infinity #6 ReviewIs It Good? Infinity #6 ReviewIs It Good? Infinity #6 ReviewIs It Good? Infinity #6 ReviewIs It Good? Infinity #6 ReviewIs It Good? Infinity #6 ReviewIs It Good? Infinity #6 ReviewIs It Good? Infinity #6 ReviewIs It Good? Infinity #6 Review
  • The action is absolutely incredible looking.
  • Wraps up most of the plot well enough
  • Great artwork overall
  • Plot points and threads that really should not be left dangling.
  • Ultimately, it is mostly a fight scene.
  • Rushed conclusion that leads into another event.

Is It Good?

Infinity #6 is a good, action packed finale to this event. It certainly has a share of problems and ultimately just leads into another event (written by a completely different writer), but it did bring a close a lot of the plot and delivered on the action. Not the best event I ever read, but it certainly could have been much worse.

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