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Is It Good? Avengers Assemble #21 Review

Just because Infinity is over doesn’t mean we’ve escaped the tie-in whirlpool that Marvel has. Next up: the Inhumanity crossover. As such, here’s one of its tie-ins, Avengers Assemble #21. Is it good?

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Avengers Assemble #21 (Marvel Comics)


Spider-Girl pleads with the Avengers to help her track down her missing teacher, a person who was affected and cocooned because of the Inhuman Terrigenesis bomb. Both her teacher and another person’s cocoons were stolen right out of the hospital and our Spider-Girl really wants to find out what happened. The Avengers, in turn, lend her the aid of Spider-Woman and Black Widow to help out and hopefully find the thief or thieves.

You know, I like the sound of that. Team Lady Spiders is a go!

This issue was a lot of fun, despite some of the serious nature and situations that took place. The characters were upbeat, there was a lot of humor and there were some very amusing character interactions between one another. Avengers Assemble #21 a good contrast to all the other Avengers titles out there and if someone was looking for something a little bit lighter than what they usually read when it comes these books, I’d recommend this issue without hesitation. Besides that it’s just your typical superhero comic that isn’t pushing any boundaries and reinventing the wheel.

The writing by Kelly Sue DeConnick works just fine. The characters are colorful and unique, the dialogue is enjoyable, and the pacing and flow of the story is solid without ever slowing down or rushing. Again, nothing too special about it, but it gets the job done and presents a simple story that one will enjoy.

The clear solution here is to immediately web his face.

The artwork this time around is by Matteo Buffagni, who does an admirable job. It’s not artwork that pushes the boundaries, but it gets the job done. His characters look decent, the action looks fine, layouts are acceptable, such and such. Nothing truly special stands out in the comic, but again, it’s good and nothing about it is remotely bad.


  • The story is fun and has great characters.
  • Solid artwork
  • The comic is rather simple in nature and in scope.

Is It Good?

Avengers Assemble #21 is simple fun, Avengers style. It does not push boundaries or feature epic situations that put characters in tense confrontations like other Avengers titles do, but this comic is fine all around. Worth a read if you need a comic that is just a lot of fun with superheroes you like.


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