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Is It Good? Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland #3 Review

Off we go to Happytown! Wait… oh yeah. Here we go to Funville!

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Wraith: #3 (IDW Publishing)

Before we begin, I’d just like to point out the number on this issue, and last issue, confused the s--t out of me. This issue is #3, but it’s Chapter 2, and also the first issue was a 0 issue. So, whatever f-----g number this bastard is, let’s motherfucking look at it!

Joe Hill is clearly having a blast writing this, and why shouldn’t he be? It’s pure concentrated heart-warming insanity. It hits you right in the feels, and then goes for the throat. It’s like a teddy bear filled with lye. One squeeze of this adorable fucker, and you feel the distinct sizzle as the top layers of epidermis burn, burn, burn! Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland: Chapter 2: Dark Passage: Issue 3: volume 12: anthology 15 has the same odd mix of cutesy-ness and incredible morbidity readers of NOS4A2 are already familiar with. However, you can follow this plot without having read the book, which is always nice with tie-in pieces. I’d go into the plot, but this really is a series you need to read from the beginning. Especially if you haven’t read da book.

Charles Paul Wilson III continues to impress me with his creepy faces, and his vast landscapes of intimidating geography. This time around we get to see a little place called… Doublecross, California. No, for reals, we see Christmasland. A tantalizing glimpse of dat b---h.

Jay Fotos colors well, and in fact takes no photos at all.

Is It Good?

Oh, it’s good, son. Go read that ish, dog. The only fault to be found is that with all the chronological hopping, it’s a little tough to remember everyone’s timelines. At least it is for me, but I’ve never been blessed with a Fotos-graphic memory (see what I did there?). I’m dreaming of the next issue, and more demonic-lookin’ reindeer, obese, elderly-lookin’ giant teddy bears, and other Christmasland scary-merriment.


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