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Is It Good? Batman #29 Review

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Is It Good? Batman #29 Review

Zero Year: Dark City reaches its end with this issue and the excitement is building. Will this issue be as incredible and amazing as #24, the conclusion to Secret City, was or it will it just flop? Is it good?

Batman #29 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Batman #29 Review

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This is it. A race against time to stop the Riddler’s plans from wrecking Gotham City as Hurricane Renee makes landfall. Batman races to where the Riddler plans to jam the power while Gordon tries to stop the power from being turned on. However, will it be enough to save Gotham from a horrible fate? Also, where is Dr. Death?

Is It Good? Batman #29 Review
But first, let’s get things started with a flashback.

Like with Batman #24, I will not go into detail about what happens in the story. Needless to say, the story and finale for the arc is just incredible and sets the stage well for the final part of Zero Year, Savage City. The writing is very strong, being able to excite and draw the audience in through its tension building and thrilling moments. When I said that it is a race against time I mean it, because you can feel how worried and stressed the characters are as they try to accomplish their goals through the issue. It really can leave on the edge of your feet as you read the story here.

Besides how good it is at getting the audience invested, that’s not the only strong thing about the writing. It’s great at capturing a mood and making each scene work very well. That flashback in the beginning of the issue? Fantastic and paints a great picture of the Wayne Family before the tragedy, seeing how they interacted and cared about one another. The finale? Near perfect in tone and presentation, with no dialogue needed at all. The showdown in the middle? Just as strong with getting the tension and thrills you would expect the scene to have given the setting and what is happening in it. Admittedly, this is where we get an overabundance of dialogue and monologuing (which is weird, since the rest of the comic is not like that at all) that hammers in point and unfortauntely slows the story way down.

Is It Good? Batman #29 Review
It looks like a blimp that really shouldn’t be out in this storm.

Despite the lengthy monologue in the middle, the dialogue is still rather strong in the book (again, see the opening the flashback for why it is good) and great with characterizing everyone. There are many exciting moments in the issue that are all good and get the audience pumped up like I stated, including a couple of homages and references as well. There’s even a dash of humor in the issue that is genuinely amusing and works story wise. Scott Snyder’s writing is just amazing this time around and is really back to the level of quality that we saw with issues #24 and #25.

Speaking of high quality, the artwork needs to be mentioned. As you can imagine, Greg Capullo’s artwork is fantastic as always and really helps strengthen the story (those final pages wouldn’t be nearly as good or effective without this level of skill). The characters looks great and are very expressive, the storytelling and layouts are fantastic, the coloring is beautiful, the action set pieces are well done and easy to follow, there are no blank or flat color void backgrounds, and the art gets the right tone and moods within each scene. The true and greatest thing about the artwork is the striking imagery and how impressive it looks. Whether it be creating its own iconography, paying homage to Batman stories of the past, or just any scene in the rain, the imagery in the book will certainly stay with you for a while.

Is It Good? Batman #29 Review
Simple, but beautifully so.

Is It Good?

Batman #29 is the fantastic and tension filled conclusion to the second part of Zero Year and is just simply wonderful. Its storytelling is fantastic, it’s very exciting, the imagery is just phenomenal, and it’s more than likely going to be sticking with you more than most books this week. If you thought you were starting to get tired of Zero Year, prepare to be proven wrong.

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