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Is It Good? Coffin Hill #6 Review

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Is It Good? Coffin Hill #6 Review

And here we are, back to Coffin Hill this month. The mysteries and characters continue to build as more comes to light that this little town is a lot more screwed up than expected. What is in store for us now? Is it good?

Coffin Hill #6 (Vertigo Comics)

Is It Good? Coffin Hill #6 Review

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It’s time for the final confrontation. Eve Coffin is looking for a way to finally to put the evil spirit/monster that inhabits her friend’s body to rest for good. However, the way of doing that may cost her almost everything she has left.

Is It Good? Coffin Hill #6 Review
Come on candle smoke, do your magic!

Now this felt a finale to an arc! It brought the story to a close and set the stage for the next arc excellently (well, mostly on the last page). Outside of maybe one or two story elements, everything is wrapped up in a decent and satisfying fashion thanks to the confrontations and twists that occur. All that vagueness and unclear direction is gone, leaving you with a pretty clear picture of everything that has happened and why it all makes sense (maybe not with what was going on back in that crazy hospital, but still). In fact, it’ll probably make you want to go back and reread everything to see how it all flows and comes together.

Writing-wise, Caitlin Kittredge’s story is solid. Again, the vagueness is gone and it is far more clear what is actually going on in the story (one page is a little weird, but you can still get the gist of it). Characterization is pretty strong and the revelations for what this monster is and how it connects to Eve are pretty interesting, especially the implications of its history as well. The dialogue is fine for the most part, the horror aspects are genuinely creepy, and the ending for the arc is pretty decent too. Besides one page and some off lines, the only thing that I found wrong or could nitpick was with the ending page. I won’t say what happens, but a character is standing. The next panel said character gets some bad news and is suddenly laying on the ground sprawled out as if he or she is sleeping. It looks weird and goofy, almost hurting the effectiveness of the ending line. I have no idea why the writer had the artist do that.

Is It Good? Coffin Hill #6 Review
Oh great, who let her near the bird house again?

Outside that one caveat, though, Inaki Miranda’s artwork really helps make this finale great. Besides the usual decent looking characters, I have to say that atmosphere and horror elements of the issue are gorgeous. Miranda really knows how to capture the creepiness and supernatural aspect with this genre, from the monster design, the more mystical side, and the locations the story takes place in. Plus, the colors are just as great and help make the images come to life, especially with the blood effects. Easily one of the best looking issues of the series and I hope this quality can be kept as the series progresses forward.

Is It Good?

Coffin Hill #6 was a solid finale for the first arc of the comic. It wrapped the story up, clearing all the hazy parts and setting the stage for the next part of the series, while also having some great and scary artwork. I look forward to where this series will go from here.

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