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Is it Good? All-New X-Factor #4 Review

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Is it Good? All-New X-Factor #4 Review

Peter David’s rick-rolling, corporately owned X-Factor team ran into Danger last issue, spelling trouble for everyone, but most of all Danger’s former fellow team member Gambit. Is it Good?

All-New X-Factor #4 (Marvel Comics)

Why is Danger wearing an X-Factor costume on the cover? Unless…

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This comic isn’t hard to love. With some real heart and nice tongue and cheek dialogue, only ye haters and skeptics won’t be able to get into it. This issue continues that trend of goodness with a fun battle scene. Danger, having been wiped of her memories and all shreds of humanity takes on the X-Factor and her owner, thinking it’s her duty to kill them. She isn’t, however, strictly a robot. She has clever manipulation tricks that prove that she hasn’t totally lost herself yet. Because the story once again takes place on his own island, Remy is at the forefront of all the madness, wrestling with the idea that his close friend doesn’t remember him and the friend herself. It’s a joy.

Each member of the X-Factor is charming in their own way and the fact they remain so synergistic while at the same time remaining strong as individuals really sets them apart from other superhero teams. Remy is distraught yet determined, making for a strong anchor. Lorna is brash and very emotional, providing some personal drama even while in the middle of a brawl. And Quicksilver is a cocky wiseass, calming the mood down a little. All of their personalities shine bright throughout the issue and determine the way they approach the fight.


Like I said before, this comic has some markedly campy dialogue. So if you’re not in the market for “Now you die!” and some pretty goofy one-liners, look elsewhere. However, if you want a fun time that reminds you that not all comics are serious and “gritty” you may just be able to appreciate it. I, personally, couldn’t help but smile at the quirkiness of it and really thought it flowed well.

As for the issue as an actual battle sequence, it was handled really well. I was tricked a couple times by Danger’s hard light holograms and was genuinely excited by many of the tricks with magnetism. It seemed risky yet not totally futile, thrilling but not hopeless. All around, a really good time.

With death-defying stunts and bodies twisting every which way, Carmine Di Giandomenico’s artwork shines a little brighter. He draws some nice destruction, so when Danger left heaps of rubble in her wake, it all looked very clean and not even a little daunting. I could imagine Danger herself being quite hard to draw well every time, but it’s pulled off with finesse as she looks powerful yet vaguely human in every panel. The blues of Danger are juxtaposed very nicely with the orange-yellow hue of X-Factor and it’s even more visually interesting when the two colors clash.

Is It Good?

So far I’m really digging this incarnation of the X-Factor. It’s witty, kind of cheesy, nicely energetic and an all around blast. I can’t wait to see what’s in hold for next month because Anka’s cover once again makes the upcoming issue look really enticing.

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