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Is It Good? FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #8 Review

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Is It Good? FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #8 Review

It’s been a while since I read and reviewed this title, hasn’t it? Last time I did, it was back when this comic was originally called Collider (Collider #1 Review from July 31, 2013

to be exact). Lots of things have changed since then and I have recently read through all the issues in order to catch up and refresh myself. Let’s jump back aboard this title and see what’s going on. Is it good?

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #8 (Vertigo)

More budget cuts hit the FBP and Cicero takes Adam and Rosa to Nakeet, Alaska, where they are dismantling one of the bureau’s bases. There, they meet Professor Sen, an old collegue and friend of Cicero, who has something very interesting to show them. Something that can ben or open up all new realities.

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Well that’s certainly one way of describing it.

Now that I’ve read every issue of FBP in a row (including this one), one thing I can say about this series: this is really interesting science fiction. Writer Simon Oliver’s whole concept of physics being out of whack and having strange effects on the world, people building their own machines that bend the laws of reality, and special agencies (government or private) that exist to answer emergencies caused by physics is utterly fascinating. Even more so when the characters try to explain it and make it sound almost like it could work in our reality. This issue didn’t really get much into that, except for the ending and instead focused on developing its characters.

There was some interesting discussion on different realities that are discussed by Rosa, but the issue was more about the characters themselves and it was really good. Adam and Rosa hanging out together at a local bar talking to each other strengthen their characters and relationship while we also had scenes with Professor Sen and Cicero talking to one another about their situation and the past. It’s honestly great stuff, with some great and witty dialogue bits to it. I do especially like when the issue focused on Cicero, who does not have nearly has much development as the other characters do. Those scenes help ground him and make him more real to us as an audience. Admittedly, the issue doesn’t have the tension or big surprises like previous issues had, but as it is, the comic is still highly enjoyable.

Crack? Did he just crack his jaw or something?

Artistically, this issue was very good looking. Robbi Rodriguez’s characters look different and unique from each other (though I did notice some similar faces in previous issues when it came to some females), his layouts are very nice and easy to follow with creative looking ones (for instance, when Rosa is discussing different worlds and reality while she is about to start playing pool really stands out visually), there are some creative looking visuals with some of the physics, the tiny bit of action in the issue looked and flowed great, and the colors are very vibrant and give the comic a unique flavor to it. The only really off thing was with the eyes and how people either look like they are constantly squinting or their eyelids are closed all the time (like Brock from Pokémon).

Is It Good?

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #8 is a solid issue for this unique and highly creative series. While it has some of the science talk previous issues had, this one focused and put more time in its characters, developing and fleshing them out more. Combined with its visual style, this is a comic that is definitely a must read. With the trade that’s out that collects pretty much every issue that came before this one, this is a great time to jump into the series and give a shot.

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