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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #31 Review

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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #31 Review

Much like in life, Superior Spider-Man must die, but not before he has a few revelations. The final issue of the series comes out today and we’re all hoping for answers, satisfaction and a sweet Spidey comic we can all get behind, but is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #31 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #31 Review

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If you decided to start reading this series today you are a fool. Not because you’ve necessarily missed the best ongoing series in the last year (you did) but because it’s the last issue, what are you doing here?! Go buy the trade paperbacks, you fool! That said, you wanna join the bandwagon, I get it. You want all your buddies, jocks and goths alike, to see that you too, were reading a cool comic. So what has been going on? Well, Doc Ock took over Peter Parker’s body, powers and all, created an army to combat evil and be the best Spider-Man he can be, but in the process ruined his reputation and allowed Green Goblin to amass power. Last issue, Peter got his groov—I mean, his body back, and now he’s in a rush to save Doc Ock’s girlfriend, stop Green Goblin and kick some butt with Spider-Man 2099. What’s he doing here? Well, he actually ties greatly into the current story with a massive connection to the biggest revelation in this issue.

Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #31 Review
Wow, that was easy…

Let’s start with the writing, where Dan Slott basically spends the entire issue tying off loose ends. Peter gets a few quick quips in, and some of his charm and humor is on display, but a lot of the dialogue is focused on him explaining himself. That’s a bit boring, but you gotta get that in to retcon for the movie. Oops, I mean write a great story! It does feel a bit rushed that this is all happening when only three weeks ago SpOck was alive and well. That said, the 2099 character is woven in effectively, the fight sequences make sense and aren’t cheating and the general sense of Peter being happy to be back in action is evident. This makes the issue breathe a bit easier and allows for a very happy ending, even when the character is getting his ass beaten. There’s also a nice twist to Peter reconciling the loss of Doc Ock in connection to Doc Ock’s girlfriend that lends purpose to Doc Ock being Spider-Man at all.

Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #31 Review
…Oh, I guess everybody takes his word for it now?

There’s a followup story after the book ends, probably to pad it out and allow for the $5.99 price tag, that ties up the Peter and family loose ends. This section is way too wordy and could have been reduced to a few summary paragraphs. It’s not very enjoyable and is all about setting things up. There is no drama here.

Giuseppe Camuncoli kills it on art. The man draws a very classic looking Spider-Man here and it feels as though he paid homage to Steve Ditko throughout. I could have sworn some of the panels and placements of Spidey looked straight out of Ditko’s work. The book is dazzling at times and always a pleasure to look at.

Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #31 Review
Very classic looking panels here.

Is It Good?

This is a bittersweet ending. There’s a lot to like, but then there’s also a lot of sweep-under-the-rug storytelling going on to get Peter back into the suit before the movie premieres. It’s a satisfying conclusion though and how it all ties into the 2099 universe is intriguing.

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