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Is It Good? Wynter #2 Review

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Is It Good? Wynter #2 Review

Wynter #1 blew me away with its sense of scale and very realistic evolution of technology. Plus it’s all about identity, which is something I’ll fall for every time. Can issue #2 keep things interesting? Is it good?

Wynter #2 (New Worlds Comics)

Is It Good? Wynter #2 Review

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This issue divides its time between Liz Wynter, our protagonist from issue #1, and a hunter who’s out to kill her due to her accidentally downloading a sensitive app. Her friend has already been killed and to make matters worse she’s stuck in prison and is an easy target. Writer Guy Hasson opens the issue with a fascinating look at a man dying and how the voice in his head—a program—explains what is happening in scientific detail. If you’re being told the white light isn’t heaven, talk about a bummer when death is inevitable, huh?

Is It Good? Wynter #2 Review
Great lighting here.

Much of this issue delves into Liz’s head and her past actions, for instance her sharing the sex she has physically and mentally (in her dreams). She’s a bit of a broken person, maybe because she’s never been given much parenting, but mostly because she’s always thought herself ordinary and not special. You see, there’s a voice in her and everyone else’s heads that seem to be there simply to remind you are not a special snowflake. This seems to be in place to ensure people play by the rules and to keep society as a whole on track. Liz is in a pickle though, because she knows her killer is on his way, so she has to actually trick the voice in her head, a voice she’s always had, or she’ll be dead before the night is over. It’s an interesting bit of self-misdirection going on and it’s interesting to see her think this all through.

Is It Good? Wynter #2 Review
You are not special.

The painting—I think it’s painting—by Aron Elekes is astounding. The quality is Alex Ross levels, but the layouts and pages are much more dreamlike and inventive than anything Ross has ever done. There’s plenty to like here, from the exquisite lighting to the interesting way he divides panels. I particularly liked the sex scenes as the physical bodies are something out of an anatomy book. Of course, these characters are nearly naked, so keep that in mind when purchasing, but it’s a sight to see. It’s a beautiful book.

I do have one complaint though, and that’s the clarity of the narrative. There are times I wasn’t sure who was narrating. The art is a bit confusing as far as the breaking up of panels, if you can call them that, so there is some bleeding across the page that doesn’t help the confusion. At times I almost felt manic, getting tons of stimuli and not knowing how it flowed, which might have been the point, but it ends up being a little frustrating.

Is It Good? Wynter #2 Review
The sex you have is nothing special.

Is It Good?

Another great issue as we delve deeper into this science fiction world. Concepts are introduced and this futuristic civilization gets more interesting each page of the way. Recommended!


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