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Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 Review

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Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 Review

We’re one week removed from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie release and that means the comic shelves are going to have double or even triple the Spidey titles. It has been proven movies don’t correlate to comic sales, but damn if they don’t try to give the customer a ton of options. This week sees a .1 issue that takes place right after Uncle Ben’s death. Can writer Dan Slott make this rehashing interesting? Is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #1.1 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 Review

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This new series is focused on the guilt Peter Parker has and his need to take responsibility for Uncle Ben’s death. He knows he needs to take care of Aunt May but at the same time he’s filled with a lot of anger. Peter goes to work for Max Schiffman, the same guy who got him his pro wrestling gig; earning cash as a performer makes a lot of sense, but it also tends to garner you some fans — which could also mean unwanted attention.

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 Review
Hang in there Peter!

Writer Dan Slott adds just enough new elements to make this comic work. It doesn’t feel like a retread of things we’ve seen before, but an honest look at Peter’s emotional state at the time of Uncle Ben’s death.

It’s a cool way to see a more vulnerable Peter Parker as well as his growth in becoming the hero we all know and love. To strengthen the story Slott has introduced Clayton Cole, a boy genius who admires Spider-Man. The minute he finds out Spider-Man made his own web shooters he’s off and running to make his own. It’s a cool way to make Spider-Man responsible for one more thing and it directly relates to Spidey’s circus gig. By issue’s end you can see where things are going, but the most tantalizing aspect is wondering how this more emotionally vulnerable Spidey will react to such a kid.

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 Review
What a dick.

The art by Ramon Perez couldn’t fit the story any better. It has a classic feel punctuated with modern touches, like the laughter in the above panel for instance. The gangly looking Spidey from the classic comics is back too. This helps make him look all the more awkward and youthful.

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 Review
Step up Peter, but maybe fighting crime is the best use of your powers?

Is It Good?

In most cases retread comics aren’t worth your time, but this one is a bit different. It adds the new element of a Spidey fan that Peter doesn’t even know exists. The dynamic is there for a great story and this is a great first issue.

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