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Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #5 Review

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Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #5 Review

Kamala Khan (the new Ms. Marvel) is about to face down her first super villain; after all the trouble she has gotten into since gaining her powers, things could get a little messier than your average superhero story.

Does she have what it takes to become a superhero and save the day? Is it good?

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Ms. Marvel #5 (Marvel Comics)


Kamala attempts to save Vick, a friend of a friend, from the clutches of the Inventor’s storage hideout. However, she ends up having to flee when she realizes she’s out powered and outmanned. Not having a good handle on her powers doesn’t help matters much either.

I think the guy is sleep walking and talking. He hasn’t opened his eyes once during this conversation.

Pretty good conclusion to this first story arc: Kamala finally accepts who she is and how she should really act, learn from her mistakes, trains, and finally become a semi-decent super heroine all in the scope of one issue. Odd that none of that couldn’t be spread out a bit better throughout the arc instead of crammed into the final issue, but hey, it’s done and it’s nice to see her progression. Hopefully, the next arc isn’t as long and has a better story structure.

Ultimately, it’s still enjoyable origin story and G. Willow Wilson’s solid writing helps elevate it. The character work is still very good: Kamala is still a likeable protagonist that is growing and progressing as a character, her family and friends are still fun and help shape her character more. There’s really not much with the villain here since we don’t know much about him or his goals (I definitely liked the reveal though). The dialogue and narration are well done and there’s a lot of great lines and interactions throughout the issue, whether they be funny or touching. The issue is also paced decently and flows well outside of the brief training montage in the middle (again, could have spread that out a bit more over this arc). All in all, it’s not too bad and you’ll genuinely enjoy what you’ll read if you made it this far.

This guy has not seen a kitty before, has he?

The artwork by Adrian Alphona looks great as usual. The characters are very nice and distinct looking, with a wide range of emotions, expressions and body language (though one guy strangely have a pumpkin size head that doesn’t really fit with how everyone else is drawn). The action is decently drawn if a bit static, the layouts are fine, the coloring is appealing, and I really enjoyed the way Alphona depicted Kamala’s powers. It’s a good looking book overall.

Is It Good?

Ms. Marvel #5 is a decent enough conclusion to Kamala’s origin story. It may have went on too long and didn’t really properly space out events in her story, but the rest of the writing is good and the characters are great in general. I definitely look forward to where this comic is going now that we’re past the origin story stage.

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