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Is It Good? Legendary Star-Lord #1 Review

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Is It Good? Legendary Star-Lord #1 Review

Next month, Guardians of the Galaxy hits the theaters. This is the next and I believe last film Marvel has out before Avengers 2 happens and I’m quite excited. Before the movie even hits, Marvel decides to release two comics based on two of the characters from the team: Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord. We are taking a look at Star-Lord this time, so let’s see what it is all about. Is it good?

Legendary Star-Lord #1 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Legendary Star-Lord #1 Review

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In an attempt to steal/recover this Mandalay Gem from an orphanage, Peter Quill is captured by an alien race called the Badoon (they look Skrulls to me) and they have plans for him (and that gem). However, this isn’t how things are going to go down. Quill has a plan and it’s thanks to the aliens being really stupid.

Honestly, I’m not really sure what to say about this comic. It’s particularly bad or anything, but… it’s just rather dull and unhelpful. The first issue does a decent job at characterizing Peter through his attitude and how he talks with others. Other than that though, the issue is rather lousy at explaining anything to a new reader. I am not very familiar with the Guardians of the Galaxy personally (I read the first volume of Brain Michael Bendis’ run and that was it) and really have no idea of their mythos, least of all Quill. I know a few things about this background, but the story itself doesn’t explain anything about it. It doesn’t explain his motivations, his history with other characters (how the hell does he know Kitty Pryde exactly?), and other areas outside of vague and unclear answers. This is fine for an old fan of the character, but what about everyone else?

Is It Good? Legendary Star-Lord #1 Review
Captain of his own ship? Oh ho ho! I get it!

Besides that, the writing here ranges from just okay to bad. The dialogue is fine, but there aren’t really any good lines some cheesiness though) or anything that stands out about it. The story structure is troubling at points, where dialogue and panels feel almost out of order or don’t flow very well from panel to panel. The story itself is unremarkable and almost feels like a #0 issue or the kind of issue you get at Free Comic Book Day, like it’s just there to try to get you interested in checking out more when the real series starts off (this is not worth $4). The pacing is perfectly fine and there are good moments on occasion, but that’s pretty much it. Just really unremarkable, especially for a first issue.

The artwork here is like the writing: just okay to bad. Where it’s bad is with some of the layouts (going back to some poor story structure), some rather dull coloring with some ugly choices at points, people looking much younger or older than they really are (Kitty Pryde is like 16 or 17 years old judging by this art) and some absolutely terrible facial expressions. They don’t match up with what the dialogue is trying to convey at best, and look downright creepy at worst. On the plus side, there are some decently drawn locations, the characters are reasonably depicted, and some designs look fine. However, it’s just really not that good.

Is It Good?

Legendary Star-Lord #1 is a very mediocre issue that really needed a lot more work. It needed to be more accessible for a new audience, it needed to be more exciting to hook the readers in, it needed more rewrites to fix some script and art hiccups, it just needed more of almost everything. This is not a good way to promote a new movie with delivering such a lackluster product for four bucks. Not worth checking out.

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