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Is It Good? Spider-Man 2099 #1 Review

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Is It Good? Spider-Man 2099 #1 Review

If you grew up in the 90s, you should know that Spider-Man 2099 is the future version of Spider-Man created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi in 1992. The character was recently brought into the Marvel 616 due to some time travel shenanigans and now he’s trying to keep his head above water all while being written by his creator, Peter David. So, is it good?

Spider-Man 2099 (2014-) #1 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Spider-Man 2099 #1 Review

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This issue opens with a handy summary page, narrated by Spidey’s hologram computer Lyla and it’s all you need to know to get into the groove of things. The threat posed in this issue is then introduced and it’s a doozy of a way to bring us up to speed about what this series is going to be all about. The bad guy is an armored dude from the future (the year 2211 to be precise), and it’s his job to clean up any irregularities so as to prevent things from changing in the future. If Peter David ever wanted to make it clear you can change the future in this time travel-heavy story, he hammers it over your head with this bad guy. Why do I say this? Because the dude reminds us constantly whether characters will contribute to the future or not. What a bummer.

Is It Good? Spider-Man 2099 #1 Review
“You are worthless.” Jeez, can’t you say it in a nicer way?

Using this character we learn a few things which helps set the stakes for this series and which characters will be important. We also get a fresh opening with Miguel as he’s attempting to find an apartment. The dynamic between he and his Lyla is introduced and works well, as well as the apartment super who has just the right attitude to spark up some romance in the coming issues.

Is It Good? Spider-Man 2099 #1 Review
The perspective in that top panel is off, no?

David does an admirable job showing us how this Spider-Man is different from the one we know and love. There’s less humor coming from his mouth, and more coming from his situations instead. The Lyla hologram relationship is quirky and fun too and the fish out of water aspect is in full effect. Why this character hasn’t been introduced into our day and age is beyond me, because it works on so many levels.

The art by Will Sliney is good and he draws a very cool looking Spider-Man 2099. You have to appreciate an artist who puts so much time into backgrounds which are always detailed and help set the scene. His facial expressions have a Greg Land feel about them because they’re so damn photorealistic, but nothing looks unnaturally posed or heavy like Land’s work.

Is It Good? Spider-Man 2099 #1 Review
Not only exciting, but a funny scene too.

Is It Good?

This is an exceptional introductory issue with plenty to keep your interest. There’s humor, potential romance afoot and the main character is incredibly likeable. It’s also made very clear how this character is different from the Spidey we know and love which is incredibly important.

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