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Is It Good? Rat Queens #7 Review

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Is It Good? Rat Queens #7 Review

It’s been quite a while since we last checked on our drunken and violent mercenary group known as the Rat Queens. It took me a while to catch up on the series actually. I was going to review the previous issue, but my trade copy that I ordered back in March didn’t come until the end of May, so I missed out. Regardless, I read the trade and previous issue, so I’m all caught up! Let’s get to it then. Is it good?

Rat Queens #7 (Image Comics)

Is It Good? Rat Queens #7 Review

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Hannah has discovered “old lady” Bernadette wandering the streets of Palisade and has suffered a horrendous curse. She has no idea what to do given the situation, so she takes her back to Dee to see if she has any clue on how to fix Bernadette. However, Dee is experiencing quite the awkward moment right now with the sudden return of her husband. Meanwhile, Sawyer is being held prisoner by Gerrig, a man whose wife was killed by Sawyer long ago. He has something very special planned for him as payback for the pain and grief he’s caused him.

Is It Good? Rat Queens #7 Review
Good old fashioned nightmare fuel.

I got to say I am both really liking but also really surprised by this arc so far. I’m liking how serious it is getting, how the threat level is rising, learning more about the backstory and mythos of the world, and how much more complex the characters are getting (not by much mind you, but we are seeing more levels with them as time goes on). It’s definitely better than the last arc, which while good just kind of had the characters wander around with vague direction. It was rather flimsy and events just sort of happened with little build up, while the story here feels tighter and the events in it feel much more focused.

Like I said, I’m both surprised at and enjoying how serious the book has become. This has really always been a funny, light-hearted (with lots of blood & gore), and occasionally goofy kind of comic. Sure, there were some rather serious moments in it, but it’s always managed to bounce back into its fun nature. This issue does have its funny and lighthearted moments, but it’s mainly very straight and serious. I think it’s a good idea ultimately to make the book more serious to give it more flavor, but it feels like a drastic shift here.

Is It Good? Rat Queens #7 Review
I don’t think chewing on hair makes that noise… but what do I know?

The writing remains fairly well-done. The pacing is very tight and most scenes really do work, though I am confused about the big fight scene in the middle that doesn’t seem to be a part of anything. The dialogue is well handled, with lots of good lines and a real sense of weight and emotion. The only part that seems a bit silly is the villainous monologue in the middle, but it works for the most part. The story structure is good, it manages to balance the bit of humor here well enough with the serious nature of the story. The humor itself is good, and the ending is pretty great. It’s good all-around with some minor kinks to work out.

The artwork really shines as usual here, especially with capturing the serious tone and feel the book is going for. The layouts are put together well, really helping showcase the big fight scene in the middle. The characters look great, with a solid range of emotion and expression shown. The coloring looks beautiful as well, helping add to feel and weight of the scenes. Good artwork overall here.

Is It Good? Rat Queens #7 Review

Is It Good?

Rat Queens #7 is possibly a real turning point for the series, with it growing far more serious in its storytelling approach. For what it’s doing and for the fact it is still keeping its funny nature, it’s a welcome change that’s well suited for the book. It still retains its charm, wonderful and memorable cast of characters, and stellar artwork. Definitely worth reading.

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