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Is It Good? Revival #22 Review

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Is It Good? Revival #22 Review

After taking the last few issues off, let’s return back to the world of Revival. Since we last left off, Officer Dana Cypress got a special assignment from the FBI itself. She is flown to New York City to help bust a reviver body parts trafficking ring. Also, her sister found love with a crazy extreme daredevil reviver as well. What is in store for us now? Is it good?

Revival #22 (Image Comics)

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Is It Good? Revival #22 Review

In New York, Dana Cypress finally figures out a lead on who exactly has been ordering the reviver body parts. However, this lead will be taking her to a familiar face. Em Cypress’s relationship starts heating up more with Rhodey Rasch, just in time for a rather creepy surprise. Ramin decides to check out an interesting lead with the burnt reviver that takes him to a fortune teller. Finally, Lester makes contact with that spirit he has been after…

Is It Good? Revival #22 Review
My new perspective ending up with me seeing some weird glowing creature on a rooftop. As such, I’m going back to my old one.

When it comes to discussing Revival, it’s a series that never really dips in quality. It’s good and always has been good, especially when you see how the story works. It’s a story with several different storylines and subplots going on at once, with a large cast of characters that have their own stories and personalities to boot. Even with that many things going on at once, the comic does a great job of balancing every single thing in it. Nothing feels underdeveloped, the story is always progressing in some fashion, and every new surprise and twist always seems to work. The only downside to all of it is that while there is a lot going on, not every storyline or character gets as much progression as others and thus, their story can end up being stretched and stretched for long periods of time with little to no progression.

Tim Seeley’s is solid as usual as well. Characterization and development is good, and I do like that fact that Ramin is getting more panel time these past few issues after not getting to do much for quite a while now (outside of being a supporting character). The dialogue is decent, though nothing about it really jumped out this time around. The pacing was good, the story structure was fine (though one scene felt a bit off), and the ending was good overall. The next issue brings this arc to a close and it does feel like it, with all of the buildup and all a couple of storylines reaching their conclusions. Definitely makes sticking around for the next issue even more enticing.

Is It Good? Revival #22 Review

The artwork by Mike Norton remains pretty good overall and in fact, I feel like he and his colorist, Mark Englert, stepped it up a notch here. The imagery looks really creepy and downright disturbing at parts, finally getting into some real horror. The ending page, video of Rhodey, or even the scene with Lester really stand out and are just downright chilling. The coloring shines here more than usual during the palm reading scene and has some nice effects to it. Great stuff overall and I hope to see them keep up the quality in the upcoming arc finale.

Is It Good?

Revival #22 is a solid issue and great buildup for the arc’s conclusion next time. The story and characters are very strong, the tension and surprises are solid, and artwork gets to really shine here. There are some minor issues and some of the violence is getting really, erhm, violent, but that’s really it. Revival remains a stellar series with another great issue here. Definitely stick with it.

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