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Is It Good? Hinterkind #10 Review

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Is It Good? Hinterkind #10 Review

Last we left Hinterkind our protagonists had gotten themselves into quite the dangerous predicament. Is there any place for Jon and Prosper to hide or will they have to make a stand? Is it good?

Hinterkind #10 (Vertigo Comics)


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Prosper and John Hobb are in dire danger. The home they were staying at is under attack by the vampire nation and there nowhere to run for cover. How will they survive this bloody (pun regrettably not intended) and dangerous encounter? Meanwhile, Princess Tersia puts her plans into action…

Stabbing sounds of course make the sound effect: Thok.

This book has two halves to it: One half dealing with the vampire attack and the second half involving the Sidhe Royalty (though this half also has two halves to it as well). The first half of the book honestly does not have much in the way of plot progression or advancement with the story outside of the ending. However, this half deals more with some rather subtle character growth and development in regards to the growing friendship and trust between Prosper and John. The growth here is handled rather well and again, is subtle in how its done and makes sense having watched these characters throughout the series so far.

The second half is where all of the plot progression is going on. The entire Sidhe Royalty storyline really makes some jumps and leaps forward with this issue, as we are granted some interesting backstory and expansion on these characters. The things we learn and see here (especially the second to last page which is rather shocking) really does have a large impact on the story going forward and really makes you want to know what happens next. These latest leaps forward do a great job at making up for the lack of focus in the last issue. Though in return, we don’t get to check in on Asa, Star, Agnus, or the rest this time around (which is a bit disappointing).

But speaking does involvement movement on some level! What do you want from this poor guy?

Ian Edginton’s writing here is fairly well handled. There is certainly some decompression and the tiniest bit of padding at play here with how little the first half of the comic advances (though none of that is going on in the second half). The pacing is slow going this time, though it does help with some of the tension in the later half. The dialogue is not too bad and there are some lines that I do like here. The story flowed very well, with no awkward or poor transitions. The ending is especially good going forward. It’s another solid issue when you get down to it.

The artwork by Francesco Trifogli is what you expect from this comic: perfectly fine and doing what it’s supposed to it. It’s not doing anything particularly groundbreaking and it has some blandness to it. Some of the action was nicely handled though and a particular moment during the ending did really stand out a bit. Ultimately, there’s not much else that can be said about the book with its art that you don’t already know from reading previous reviews of mine.

Good old family meals. Never let me done with their level of hostility.

Is It Good?

Hinterkind #10 is a good step up from the last issue. The writing and storytelling continue to get better, the story is becoming very engrossing, and the characters are really coming into their own. Its only downfall is the lack of a real strong artist that can push this book even higher than it already is. However, as it is, Hinterkind is one of the bigger sleeper/under the radar hits I’ve seen as of late that continues to only get better and better as time goes on.

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