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Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #7 Review

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Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #7 Review

Ms. Marvel’s team-up with Wolverine continues this month; how will their little adventure wrap up? Will Ms. Marvel learn anything new? How does Wolverine guest-star in a baker’s dozen titles every month from a logical standpoint? Is it good?

Ms. Marvel #7 (Marvel Comics)


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Kamala Khan and Wolverine have a bit of a problem: they’re facing down a gigantic alligator who is ready to tear them apart. They are at a bit of a disadvantage, especially with Wolverine hurting badly and without his healing factor. Even if they get past this roadblock, how the heck will they get out of the sewers?


Although Ms. Marvel #7 didn’t feature the deepest or most complex story — the issue was still lighthearted and enjoyable fun. The team-up with Ms. Marvel and Wolverine was handled wonderfully and had a lot of charm. Watching the two and their personalities bounce off each other was great, adding a lot of characterization and heart to the tale. Speaking of which, the issue really allowed for Kamala to grow as a character and provide insight into her beliefs working alongside Wolverine and how she handled these particular dangerous problems. It was quite nice.

The writing by G. Willow Wilson was good as usual. The storytelling was much more focused this time, focusing primarily on Kamala’s growth as a superhero. The story flow and pacing was solid; the dialogue was a ton of fun and there were plenty of great lines that helped with the characterization. The ending was also solid and we finally get to see the start of the inevitable meeting between Ms. Marvel and the Inhumans. All in all, the writing in the book was stronger than ever.


Jacob Wyatt continues with art duties for this mini-arc (the regular artist will be back in the next issue) and he still does a wonderful job with the art. He provides a very cartoonish, but still very fitting with the tone and feel, art style that has a lot of personality that brings the story to life. The characters look great and have a decent range in emotion, the action is energetic and fun to look at, the layouts are very impressive and creative at points, and combination with the regular comic colorist (Ian Herring), the book really shines. I hope he comes back to do more fill-ins in the future.

Is It Good?

Ms. Marvel #7 is a fantastic issue and end for this team up. The story is enjoyable, the team-up with Wolverine was great and a lot of fun, the writing was stellar, and the artwork fits the book so well. After all of this, I’m very excited to see where the comic goes from here more than ever.

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