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Is It Good? Justice League #33 Review

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Is It Good? Justice League #33 Review

Man, these Justice League issues are coming out later and later. I wonder why? Well whatever the case may be, it doesn’t matter: what matters is that the latest issue is out now and we can finally see what happens next. Is it good?

Justice League #33 (DC Comics)


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As the Justice League and the Doom Patrol fight each other, Lex Luthor and Dr. Niles Caulder enter their own little pissing match over what to do with Jessica Cruz; she’s still under the control of the Power Ring and she can’t stop it from continuing to cause destruction. How are they going to stop it?

Now that my friends is what I call a s--t-eating grin.

Now, this wasn’t a bad issue by any means, but it’s sadly a bit lacking. The story itself is perfectly fine, the story does progress a bit, and there is resolution for the Lex Luthor and Jessica Cruz storylines. What’s lacking is that not everyone gets to shine and most characters are shoved to the side without much thought besides four people (Batman, Lex, Niles, and Jessica). As such, for a team book and a book where we have the Doom Patrol in it, many characters are prevented from getting a chance to shine.

Now, the characters that do get attention and focus in this issue are written very well. Geoff Johns still writes a great Lex Luthor and the big climactic scene between Batman and Jessica Cruz is utterly fantastic and emotional. It’s easily one of the best scenes this book has had all year and really stands out. Besides the abrupt end to the Doom Patrol fight (seriously, it felt like there was no resolution to it), I just wish everyone else got some focus within the issue.

Poor Rita. She’s only going to melt even more when she realizes she didn’t get much attention this issue.

Now, the climax itself is fantastically written, but it does raise a question about that Power Ring and what happens now. I’m sure Johns will follow up on this soon enough, but I’m not sure if this is a permanent solution.

The artwork by Doug Mahnke and Keith Champagne is fine and does its job well enough (though I’m quite excited now for Jason Fabok stepping up for art duties in November). The characters look fine enough, except with they smile they look like outright creeps. The action we got looked decent and the depiction of the Power Ring’s… power is quite interesting to look at. The coloring still remains a bit drab at points, but hopefully that changes in the coming issues. Either way, the art turned out fine.

I wonder if Lex bending like that is good for his back?

Is It Good?

Justice League #33 is a good issue, but not as great as previous ones. The lack of focus on most of the team here is very disappointing, along with a lack of Doom Patrol action. There are still pluses here, like the climax of the issue and the writing in general, so this isn’t a bad issue like some may say. It’s still good, but let’s hope for some more attention for the rest of the cast in the next issue.

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