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Is It Good? Sheltered #11 Review

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Is It Good? Sheltered #11 Review

It’s the end of the line for Sheltered. We’ve reached the final arc and everything around the characters is coming crumbling down. What will happen to them as the outer world starts moving in? Is it good?

Sheltered #11 (Image Comics)

Is It Good? Sheltered #11 Review

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Safe Haven is slowly breaking down as hostility and tension rises more than ever. Mitch’s sister, Hailey, has been killed and he has sworn vengeance on the rest. Joey, Lucas’s second hand man, is starting to doubt his leadership. And Victoria and Tab escape into the woods. However, the biggest threat isn’t within their compound. It’s in the outside world. Cliff Howell’s wife shows up at the local police station, looking to file a missing person’s report…

Is It Good? Sheltered #11 Review

With the end of the series not that far off now, the comic is definitely starting to pick up the pace and some storylines are ready to wrap up. Heck, it’s even covering an important plot point that I thought needed to be addressed soon (the fact that one of the workers has a wife and she’ll be wondering where he disappeared to). While the pacing with the plot progression is picking up, the story is still slow and methodical. It continues to build tension and suspense quite impressively and keeps you wondering about what will happen next throughout the issue. Either way, the story came out great and will definitely keep you with the series until the very end at this rate.

Ed Brisson’s writing is no slouch here either. The storytelling is fantastic as to be expected, along with a really strong and unnerving atmosphere to keep you on edge throughout. The characterization is still fairly decent and a few minor developments for some side characters (no growth with the main characters and a lack of focus on Lucas this time as well). The dialogue is also pretty good, especially when Joey is confronting Lucas or when the cops are talking amongst each other. The only weak part of the writing and story itself is a big nitpick and personal thing from me, and it’s the fact that a certain someone is still alive when I was hoping he would be dead. Again, a personal thing and something that shouldn’t affect your experience.

Is It Good? Sheltered #11 Review
Looks like there are still some minutes left on this. They won’t mind if I use this to make a quick call for pizza, right?

The artwork on the book still remains fairly good, retaining its gritty and bleak nature. The characters are still drawn well and are well detailed (though I can’t tell if one kid is a boy or girl due to their design and look). The action and violence are brutal, intense, and are depicted rather well. The layouts are decent, but nothing to write home about. Some of the quieter and slower moments do look rather nice and the coloring fits well with the book like usual. Overall, the artwork continues to be enjoyable on this title.

Is It Good?

Sheltered #11 is the beginning of the end for the series, leading us into the final arc. The opening here is very strong, the writing and tension remain fantastic, the artwork is appealing, and the ending provides so many interesting directions for this series to head down. If you still haven’t checked out the series yet, grab the last two trades and this single issue. You should hop aboard this intense ride while it still lasts.

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