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Is It Good? Deadly Class #7 Review

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Is It Good? Deadly Class #7 Review

After taking a month off, Deadly Class has returned with a brand new arc. I recently played catch-up with the title to refresh myself on the story and also what I missed with the issues I didn’t read/review. Time to get to it! Is it good?

Deadly Class #7 (Image Comics)

Is It Good? Deadly Class #7 Review

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While a bunch of redneck hicks attack a man, Marcus Lopez decides to narrate what has been going on in his life at Kings Dominion of the Deadly Arts after the Las Vegas trip. He’s gotten together with Maria, who’s been in an unending cycle of ups and downs after killing her former boyfriend. Marcus’ life seems to be improving and he’s not hated as much in the school and has some friends. Life appears to be good, if completely messed up…

Is It Good? Deadly Class #7 Review
Technically, she killed him so he wouldn’t kill you.

I’m honestly indifferent to this issue after reading it. It’s not particularly bad (gross though? Oh yeah!), but it feels lacking in areas and isn’t particularly exciting. This is essentially just a setup issue through and through, setting up the plotlines and characters for where they’ll be at during the story. The first half of the book does that mostly through narration and static images of Marcus’ current life, which doesn’t really make it the most engaging or exciting read honestly (the book still has a problem with telling instead of showing). The second half is Marcus shooting the s--t at a party and with friends, not really doing much other than show where his character is currently at when he’s not narrating to the audience. Again, it’s not particularly exciting and just feels like it’s setting up for something later on.

But how goes the rest of the writing? It’s fine; just fine. The characterization is fine, with Marcus slowly getting more development (frankly, he felt like he grew more in this issue off panel than in the entire first arc) and feeling more three dimensional. Though the only problem with him now is that the other side characters are starting to become more intriguing and memorable. The dialogue is fine and has a bit of personality to it, but it’s not really memorable and is a bit clichéd in areas, while the narration feels like it drones on and on. The story flows decently from page to page and scene to scene, making it fairly easy to read. The sub-story with rednecks and freaks, however, felt more interesting and had more punch to it than the main story; really memorable if only for the sick and twisted things going on. The entire “class” part of Deadly Class is still severely underexplored and is begging to be looked at with more attention. The ending in general is pretty good and leaves off on a good hook to entice readers into coming back. Other than that, the writing’s okay, but it’s just not all that impressive.

Is It Good? Deadly Class #7 Review
…That guy throws a weird punch… or maybe it’s the angle the panel is using…

The artwork is what you’ve come to expect at this point (outside of very odd looking faces, expressions, and the occasional awkward body movement and fighting). It’s fine and there’s nothing particularly wrong with it, even if I’m not that much of a fan of it. The characters look okay, though at points they end up having similar looking faces. The layouts and panels look good and are creative, while also being easy to follow. Though on the flipside of that, there is often a bit of wasted white space and some of the action is clunky looking. The coloring is alright here as well. The art is what you expect and if you liked it before, you’ll like here as well.

Is It Good?

Deadly Class #7 is a decent enough start to this new arc, mostly just getting groundwork laid out for what’ll be seeing soon. The writing and artwork are perfectly capable and do the job, though in comparison to previous issues, it feels like it’s lacking a punch or energy to it to keep it memorable or exciting (most of the time at least). If you’ve enjoyed the series up until now, you’ll most likely enjoy this.

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