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Is It Good? Hulk #6 Review

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Is It Good? Hulk #6 Review

Not too long ago Mark Waid left the Hulk and a new writer took over: Gerry Duggan. I’m not too familiar with his work outside of a Batman issue he wrote last month, but I decided to give him a shot with this book.

Is it good?

Hulk #6 (Marvel Comics)


Doc Green (the smarter version of Hulk) is getting into a nasty brawl with Rick Jones/A-Bomb. Doc wants to depower Rick because he feels A-Bomb is far too dangerous a gamma radiated individual and he views the powers as a curse. Rick, on the other hand, sees his powers as a gift and has been using them to help people. As such, he doesn’t want to lose them. How will this turn out?

Oh crap, Hulk is about to bust out a Hadoken! Run for cover!

The comic was a quick, but enjoyable read. It was mostly just one long fight scene between Doc and Rick and the aftermath, while the two argued about why or why not Rick being A-Bomb was right. Nothing too deep per se, but very interesting regardless.

Writer Gerry Duggan offers up some good and bad arguments for both sides on this issue during the slugfest; for instance, Doc Green saying that Rick could in the future develop Alzheimer’s and the dangers of what could happen if he hulked (or is it A-Bombed?) out while suffering from its symptoms. Rick countered by pointing out it’s not possible to predict the future and see that happening, so why condemn him for something that might not happen? The issue does a good job at handling this argument, even though there are some holes and hypocrisy from both sides (could it also be said that Doc could develop Alzheimer’s as well?).

The rest of the writing here was good as well. The characterization is pretty strong and fits with the characters (though depending on Rick’s response to Doc’s offer at the end, I may have to take it back), the slow and subtle development of the Doc Green persona especially. Speaking of which, Doc Green remains an interesting anti-hero, though his weakness seems to be that he doesn’t have much foresight and doesn’t seem perceive some of the problems that’ll stem from what he’s doing. The dialogue is pretty good, the pacing is smooth and the ending has me excited to see where the next issue takes us.

Yes I do! I have a crystal ball and everything!

The only downside to the comic is the whole concept of depowering the Hulk family in my personal opinion. It’s not a bad idea, since it offers up interesting drama, plenty of potential, and good conflict for the story. The problem is in the fact that if this does stick or sticks for a long time, you limit a lot of potential future stories with the characters or similar ones. I highly doubt this will stick for all of them or even work (I mean, She-Hulk is a pretty big character and has her own book, so there’s no way this will affect or stick with her), but I still worry a bit since I have enjoyed several stories in the past with the other Hulks (I really enjoy Jeff Parker’s Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk run). Ultimately right now, this is a wait and see sort of thing.

The artwork is by Mark Bagley (an industry veteran who drew a lot of the original run for Ultimate Spider-Man and also… Marville, but no likes to talk about that) and his work here is pretty dang good. The Hulks look great and the action in the comic is very intense and energetic, flowing very well at points. The other characters look decent, save for the occasional similar face or odd expression. There’s some nice looking shots in the book and the coloring here is lively.

Best not to talking about killing when we could talk about your accidental body count Hulky.

Is It Good?

Hulk #6 is a rather enjoyable and very engaging story, despite on the surface of being one long fight scene. The writing is strong, the dialogue and character work is excellent, and the artwork really works well with the book and brings a lot of energy. While concept of the story has both potential and trouble, I am really sold on reading this comic more than ever. If you have been looking for a good Hulk yarn, then for sure give this a whirl. You won’t regret it.

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