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Is It Good? Batwoman: Futures End #1 Review

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Is It Good? Batwoman: Futures End #1 Review

After last month’s issue of Batwoman, everyone seems pretty pissed off at what has happened to the series. I personally wasn’t as up in arms about it like others were, but I was a little disappointed (plus, the comic ended up losing one of its hooks that made the series feel unique).

Now we come to the Futures End tie-in; can it give this comic a much needed boost? Is it good?

Batwoman: Futures End #1 (DC Comics)


Kate Kane has become a vicious, murderous vampire/bat thing that has been causing chaos across the city. It’s up to her twin sister, Beth (now under the identity of Red Alice) and some of Kate’s old friends to amend for the sins she has committed and put her down. Things might not end well…

Not as iconic as the Bat-Signal, but it’ll certainly still strike fear in the hearts of criminals.

Most of these Futures End tie-ins has been rather surprising; most have ended on a rather positive or hopeful note — that is, even if the future is dark, there’s still a light at the end of the tunnel. Batwoman though says, “Screw that shit!” It’s dark as hell, depressing, bleak, and the ending just leaves you shocked.

As such, because of this approach, this book will certainly not sit too well with people who have been dissatisfied with the current route Batwoman has been heading down. This comes across as feeling like a sign of dark things to come and something people may not want to see for our character. To be fair though, there’s no way that this will ultimately be the end of Batwoman — this is just a what if tale/possible future if she were to continue along the path without any help or anyone trying to pull her back from the brink. It’s certainly not a premise all people are going to like though, understandably.


So the story here won’t be that appealing to everyone, but how was the characterization? Ignoring Batwoman for a second, the other big main character in the story is Beth and she’s great. She definitely feels like a character that has grown and changed over the years, trying to redeem herself for everything that she has done in the past. You can feel for her and understand her emotion and the pain she’s in for doing what has to be done.

As for Batwoman, she is little more than a crazed monster that’s attacking and killing people… so, yeah (motivationally speaking, I’m not even sure why she attacked Maggie to begin with). Also, there is no sign of Bette here at all, despite having been a big supporting character in the series. To reiterate, Beth is awesome and I hope to see her soon in the regular book.

Now how was the rest Marc Andreyko’s writing go for this issue? It was fine overall. The dialogue was fine, though not particularly memorable. The pacing was extremely quick and the issue itself went by in a flash, so don’t expect a dense read here. The whole issue is basically just one long action scene with a few oddly placed flashbacks; the flashbacks aren’t bad, but they do interrupt the flow of the story some. It’s a bit questionable with the vampire lore and what Kate is able to actually do (seems like an awful lot). The ending is a huge downer and rather depressing. Hopefully the book can pick things up next time.

Man that car had a lot of glass in it.

The artwork is brought to us by Jason Masters, who style does feel similar to the artwork we have been getting in Batwoman as of recently. The characters look decent (though on occasion some lackluster facial expressions), the action looks well depicted, there are some nice shots with the imagery, and some creative layouts on display here. What was a bit weak was that some of the panels didn’t flow well or it was hard to actually tell what was happening in them. Overall, it’s not a bad looking book.

Is It Good?

Batwoman: Futures End #1 is an odd one. It’s certainly not a badly written book, lays out some interesting hints for what we’ll be seeing in the main book soon, Beth was a great addition, and the artwork wasn’t too bad. On the other hand, the very dark route, depressing story, and depiction of Kate is going to have more than one person shaking their heads in disappointment or annoyance. It may be worth reading, depending on how you feel currently about the series.

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