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Is It Good? Oddly Normal #2 Review

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Is It Good? Oddly Normal #2 Review

While it got a mixed reaction from a lot of other reviewers, I thought the first issue of Oddly Normal worked rather well and sold me on the story. It was a great start for this new series for kids, but can it keep that up? The latest issue is out, so let’s take a look. Is it good?

Oddly Normal #2 (Image Comics)

Is It Good? Oddly Normal #2 Review

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I’m going to forgo the usual opening summation and get straight to the point. The story here… barely moved at all. I mean, all we were introduced to was Oddly’s out-there aunt (who I don’t think has a name yet), she tries to make the house reappear but can’t, and then whisks Oddly away to Fignation to be safe. Honestly not much happens and that’s a bit disappointing. The story left up on a good cliffhanger last time, but we don’t get to do much with it this time.

Can’t say much happens with the characters either. There wasn’t much advancement with Oddly’s character, mostly just having her react to her aunt and Lymon C. Preston in Fignation. It’s honestly disappointing since the first issue did so well to characterize her and then she doesn’t get to do or say much in the next issue. Oddly’s aunt is a bit interesting, though. She’s definitely a kooky character to say the least given the way she talks, but can also be very serious and know when to not kid around. The only other character in the comic is Lymon, but there’s not much to him other than showing the difference between the regular world and Fignation. Considering his design and the fact that comic name dropped him, I’m pretty sure we’ll see him again.

Is It Good? Oddly Normal #2 Review
Probably explains why she hasn’t asked why they are standing in an open field.

The writing for the book is still decent despite the fact the comic didn’t go anywhere this issue. The pacing is quick, so the story goes by rather quickly, but it flows relatively nice. The dialogue is fine, with a lot of personality and quirkiness. The attempts at humor are so-so here; not bad, but nothing really chuckle worthy either. I did like a little bit of the mythology and nature of Fignation hinted at in the book, which makes me curious to see what the place is really like. From the perspective of kids, this issue might not be that exciting to them since not much happens until the very end. Ultimately, I find the writing here to be fine, but since the story dipped a bit, it also affected the writing to a degree.

The artwork is still nice and appealing. The cartoonish visuals are still rather pretty, especially combined with the lovely coloring done on the book. The characters are very expressive and distinct with how they look and emote. The layouts are simple, but effective, and I like the energy to it all. Probably what I liked the most was the small glimpse at the end where we got our first look at Fignation and looks beautiful. I can’t wait to see more of it in the next issue.

Is It Good? Oddly Normal #2 Review

Is It Good?

Oddly Normal #2 is a good, but flawed issue. All of its flaws can be boiled down to one simple point: Not much happens. That’s unfortunate given the hook and potential we saw last issue, but the writing and artwork are still pretty good despite this flaw. Hopefully the next issue can kick things back into action, because I would hate to see a series with this much potential drop any lower.

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