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Is It Good? Colder: The Bad Seed #1 Review

Hold on to your damn hats, folks, because Tobin and Ferreyra are back to give you trouble sleeping. I’ve spent my life searching out the disturbing and irksome, and people, this team brings it by the truck load. That chill you get up your spine?

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Yeah, get used to that. Colder: The Bad Seed is here.

Colder: The Bad Seed #1 (Dark Horse Comics)


Paul Tobin picks up with issue 1 of The Bad Seed where the last issue of Colder left off. Declan Thomas is still in Boston, with his former nurse, and now lover Reece. Declan is a crazy, formerly comatose dude who can see people’s insanity. The catch is, the more crazy he cures, the colder his body temperature gets. He defeated the crazy Nimble Jack from a place of pure insanity known as “The Hungry World,” and saved Reece from Nimble Jack’s clutches. Cut to the present, and now Declan goes around with a thermometer to make sure he doesn’t get too frosty. He cures crazies, and all appears to be good for him. Tobin has created a cutesy relationship between Declan and Reece, and they are in domestic bliss. However, a creepy guy with fingers for teeth is in Boston, and he’s up to no good. I won’t give away what this creepy guy, who goes by Swivel, wants to do. Mostly because, I have no idea what his intentions are! Swivel just goes around doing a bunch of crazy s--t the whole issue!

Tobin crafts a solid first issue, with chilling dialogue, and he paces this issue well. His writing blends with Ferreyra’s art seamlessly.


Juan Ferreyra draws some of the most amazing monsters I’ve seen in comics this year. He has this uncanny way of combining the mundane with the terrible, and the mix creates a nightmare landscape unlike any you’ve seen before. These pages are a horror fan’s wet dream. You want gore? Ferreyra’s got it for you. You want monsters? He’s got them. If you like supernatural horror, chances are you’ll love this art.

Is It Good?

I’m barely keeping together, that’s how awesome this is. When I have to edit a review multiple times, just to make any sense at all—yeah, it’s damn good. This is the scariest thing I’ve read all year.

The best scary things work on multiple levels. Colder: The Bad Seed does. Monsters, blood, fear of insanity, fear of strangers, fear of the partner you’re with. All are addressed. Hell, there’s even a home invasion element at the end of the issue.

The writing is solid, and the art is amazing. I was apprehensive that there’d be no way to maintain the irksome factor of the first arc, but my fears were for naught. My only gripe is it might be a little confusing to understand if you haven’t read the first five issues of Colder. But, part of me thinks you might be able to without a hitch. I’ve read the first five, so I have no way to tell you what it’d be like to start The Bad Seed without reading the previous issues.

Colder: The Bad Seed is growing into one terrifying series. I’m both elated, and terrified what this thing will grow into.


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