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Is It Good? She-Hulk #9 Review

We recently learned that She-Hulk is going to be cancelled this January and come to a close. While I was never that much into the artwork, it’s a shame since the writing has been pretty good (with some exceptions) and She-Hulk herself has been excellent. Well, all we can do now is follow this book out and see where it goes for the remaining months. Is it good?

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She-Hulk #9 (Marvel Comics)


And so the civil case against Captain America (who’s currently an old man) begins with Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil, as the opposing counsel. It proves to be a very difficult case, especially when Matt is holding no punches at all. She-Hulk is going to need a miracle and crafty maneuvers to win this.


Now, I was originally going to review the previous issue, because I was rather excited and interested in seeing a courtroom battle between Daredevil and She-Hulk. Ultimately, nothing really happened that issue besides setup, so here I am instead. This is exactly what I was hoping for out of this arc: a really engaging courtroom case that was a lot of fun to read. The entire court scene is really well handled and both sides make a good case to the point where if you were in this situation, you could almost side with either one. The only thing I’m not really sure about with the story is what Patsy is doing and her lack of presence (she is one of the main characters and on the front cover and is only in two panels).

Charles Soule’s writing is just strong overall. The pacing and story structure of She-Hulk #9 are solid, the dialogue is sharp and surprisingly engaging and the characterization is perfect for each character, especially Captain America and Daredevil. The only weak parts to the comic is in the middle, after the court wraps up for the day. It’s still a well-handled and well-written scene, but it’s just not nearly as good as the opening.

I think an invisible force is yanking on her head, causing her neck to stretch like that.

But what isn’t fine and is always up for debate on this comic is the artwork; it still boasts some solid layouts and decent coloring, but its main problem still remains the depiction of the characters. Tons of characters seem like they overdid it with the blush yet again, eyes almost always look like they’re looking off in two different directions or that they are never focusing on anything, anytime a character smiles it’s rather creepy looking, and the body proportions and parts tend to look off a lot of the time. She-Hulk still remains the worst case of this throughout the book and that’s a real shame.

And here’s She-Hulk giving us the best impression of the Joker’s smile she can muster.

Is It Good?

She-Hulk #9 is a great issue, which makes it even more of a shame that this book is coming to an end. The writing and characterization on the book are just fantastic and really make this story so much fun and engaging to read. Its only real downfall that still plagues to the book to this day is the artwork that has a difficult time depicting its characters. Regardless, She-Hulk is definitely worth your time.


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