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Is It Good? Earth 2: World's End #5 Review

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Is It Good? Earth 2: World’s End #5 Review

It’s time for some more Earth 2: World’s End this week! Will the heroes actually pull out a win for once, or will they continue to be curb-stomped over and over again? Let’s see the struggle!

Spoilers below!

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Earth 2: World’s End #5 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Earth 2: World's End #5 Review

Writers: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, Mike Johnson
Artists: Eddy Barrows, Jan Duursema, Tyler Kirkham, Eduardo Pansica, Jorge Jimenez


As Green Lantern and Solomon Grundy fight in the wreckage of Rio De Janeiro, the Avatar of the Green shows up. She wants them to stop their fighting and team up with her and rest of the Earth’s Avatars because something far worse is coming and Earth will need all their help. Reluctantly, the two agree, since they don’t want the Earth/themselves to be destroyed.

Spoiler Corner

Deep below Atlantis, in the Tomb of the Old Gods, Aquawoman is preparing to unleash something. Something has been sealed away for eons in order to destroy the Death Fury.

As Jimmy Olsen is assisting Dr. Crane in his lab, a bright light flashes in his face and the voice of the Mother Box speaks to him. It implores him not to be afraid and that he’ll have a special part to play and that he’ll also die today.

In London, Hawkgirl, Flash, and Dr. Fate face off against another Fury. However, they have much better luck than the other heroes, managing to destroy the Fury’s armor and weapons.

In Amazonia, the World Army and its heroes continue to work on their plan of attacking Apokolips. They are showing off their new weapons and their plans of getting there, making their odds look a bit better.

Below Geneva, the Super & Bat team face off against Desaad. In the middle of the fight, Desaad takes off with the Huntress and the four follow him down. As they track him, they discover Superman (Clark) in a room even further below, who really isn’t looking too good.


This issue’s story and structure felt a bit bitter. It didn’t nearly have as many scenes as the previous and spent more time focusing and developing its plotlines. That also made the pacing and story flow better as well. However, for the best effect, the comic should cut down on how many stories it’s focusing on in one single issue. Find three or four and just focus on those instead to really push them forward instead of abruptly ending them for an issue without resolution (like the London scene).

Otherwise, the comic is just fine. All the characterization and dialogue works well and the artwork is appealing looking (it’s also much better at feeling consistent from scene to scene). The one thing that felt silly though was that in one scene, it ended on a note that seemed like it was supposed to be a big shock or surprise. However, immediately in the next page, it turned out there wasn’t anything to be surprised about and the characters making the shocked expression were just being overly dramatic.

Most Memorable Moment

Is It Good? Earth 2: World's End #5 Review
Where are Earth, Fire, and Heart though?

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