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Is It Good? Django/Zorro #1 Review

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Is It Good? Django/Zorro #1 Review

When you think of an epic duo, who do you think of? Batman and Superman? Steve Young and Jerry Rice? Brad and Angelina?

Well when it comes to the West, it’s hard to think of a better duo than Django and Zorro. Backed with an equally as impressive writing duo, Quentin Tarantino and Matt Wagner take the reins for the hyped pairing of the two western heroes in the crossover sequel to award-winning film, Django Unchained.

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So with the overwhelming amount of hype, is issue one any good?

Django/Zorro #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)


In this first issue, the two characters quickly meet in the middle of hot and barren Arizona when De la Vega’s stagecoach comes across a stranded Django. It’s here that the two acquaint themselves and Django is introduced to Bernardo, De le Vega’s seemingly mute assistant. Needless to say it doesn’t take long before the two run into some trouble, but I don’t want to give too much away. The issue is able to showcase both of the characters’ skills in some way, shape or form. Granted, it doesn’t feature their full potential in combat, but it’s enough to tease us with.

I have to say that the pairing of these two individuals is excellent. Each one compliments the other by bringing something unique to the table. In one corner you have Don Diego De La Vega, the aged Spanish aristocrat whose charm, wit and quick tongue match his traditional sword-play style. In the other corner, you have Django, the young cowboy who’s rough around the edges, but maintains a constant likeability and isn’t fazed by putting a bullet through a man’s thick-racist skull. The two characters are vastly different in personality, experience, and fighting style, but both share similar roles as outsiders that possess more than meets the eye and that’s what give the duo great chemistry right off the bat.

DjangoZorro01 4

However, this issue is going to be a little disappointing to some readers. Whenever you have two of the most infamous western stars in the same comic, you’re going to expect shoot-outs and sword fights-galore right out of the gates. That doesn’t happen. There’s a lot of talking with a little action, but even then it doesn’t feature Zorro, just the wealthy, fashion aficionado De la Vega. It’s natural to want and possible expect an overwhelming amount of classic western action, but Tarantino and Wagner take their time and development the story first, which should benefit the series in the long run. However this isn’t to suggest that it’s a dull issue. De la Vega’s speech is exquisite and the writing is on top of its game (Exactly what you’d expect with writers of this caliber). I also enjoyed the fact that Tarantino implemented Django’s more notorious catch phrase into the character introduction, which definitely put a smile on my face.

Is It Good?

This is a great introductory issue to a series with a whole lot of potential. While it contains more discussion than action, issue two is primed to delve into the duo’s task and first encounter with the series’ villain. De la Vega is a great character who is backed with great writing and easily becomes one of your favorites and he hasn’t even donned the Zorro persona yet.

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