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Is It Good? Prometheus: Fire and Stone #4 Review

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Is It Good? Prometheus: Fire and Stone #4 Review

Well this is it, the final installment of the Prometheus series for the Fire and Stone crossover event. Is it good?

Prometheus: Fire and Stone #4 (Dark Horse Comics)


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This event has received a lot of conflicting opinions and for me personally it’s been sort of a roller coaster for the plot. This is the last issue for Prometheus, with only the finales for Aliens, Alien vs. Predator, and the final two issues of Predator remaining.

Last issue we experienced the characters making some questionable decisions such as waiting until their ship was broken into rather than simply taking off. I decided that these are just elements that have to be incorporated into horror novels so you don’t take it too personally when everyone meets their fatal demise due to their stupidity. Well if that’s true, it certainly holds up in these last two issues because while last issue highlighted the decision-making errors, this one definitely focuses on everyone getting torn to pieces, literally in most cases.

So while I initially expected the carnage to ensue after the very first issue, we finally get what we were looking for this week. The deaths come in a number of ways: the ship is swarmed, the crew is ambushed in the jungle, their holdout is compromised and death comes at the hand of Xenomorphs, an Engineer and even their own crew. It’s quite accurate to state that s--t hits the fan and splatters their blood and entrails everywhere. This issue certainly unleashes the chaos that has been building throughout the entire series and it’s the first true moment that the humans have completely lost the upper hand, thus turning the rest of the issue into a mere hunt.

Why is she screaming "No!"? Why should they not engage them? They just watched a bunch of their friends get munched on.

If you have only read the Prometheus issues of the series, you’ll be slightly disappointed by the abrupt ending. While the vast majority of everyone is dead, there are a few plotlines left unfinished which will surely be explained in the other crossover series, if not in Prometheus: Omega which comes out in February after the other series end. There are a few questionable decisions made, such as Does Galgo really need to kill everyone on the main ship? Or perhaps those gunshots weren’t fired by his men? We’ll have to wait and see. I did enjoy the fact we got to see that gun Galgo has in action, even if it wasn’t him using it. And the art is again pretty good, with a lot of two page panels and awesome “in the dark” scenes which Ferreyra does an excellent job with.

Is It Good?

The series finale does bounce back from last issue in an action-packed bloodbath. While you’ll have to wait for some answers in the other series finales, we still get our fill of plot and eye candy. There are definitely some unexpected moments and a good amount of horror, something this series has kind of been lacking in. While it couldn’t overcome some of the limitations previous issue had set it up for, the issue does a good job of going out with a bang.

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