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Is It Good? Earth 2: World's End #10 Review

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Is It Good? Earth 2: World’s End #10 Review

Darkseid rises in this week’s edition of Earth 2: World’s End this week. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what we’ve got:

Spoilers below!

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Earth 2: World’s End #10 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Earth 2: World's End #10 Review

Writers: Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, & Mike Johnson
Artists: Jack Herbert, Jorge Jimenez, Eddy Barrows, and Jan Duursema


The reunion with the still alive Superman is short-lived for the heroes as they set sights upon a new foe: Huntress, who has been mind-warped and DNA scrambled into attacking them. Power Girl has the others make a run for it while she fights Huntress, hoping to knock her out of this mess. Back in Chicago, as Dick Grayson and his family are about to be targeted by the thugs that just shot Barbara, Constantine and his pals step in to help them. They help escort Grayson’s son to safety, however are still forced to leave Dick and Barbara behind as the train rolls off. After helping, Constantine takes off after noticing some of his and his pals’ magic are fading a bit.

Spoiler Corner

Back on Apokolips, the World Army team realizes something is up with their invasion. Things have been going way too easy and it’s suspicious. Also, Mister Miracle is missing in action. Mr. Terrific volunteers to search for him while the others head back.

Mister Miracle is down in the depths of the Mobius Chamber, having found Darkseid… who seems to be in some sort of meditative trance inside of an energy bubble. Mister Miracle demands answers from him about his past, but Darkseid does not answer back. Frustrated, MM renounces him for good and declares that he’ll find a way to kill him. Darkseid seems to smile at that remark.

Somewhere in Siberia, the three Avatars are still having to contend with the Furies of Apokolips, who are not down for the count just yet. They fight a bit, but just when Furies seem like they have the upper hand, the Avatar of the Blue arrives and attacks the women.

As Sandman and Mr. Terrific search for Mister Miracle, Big Barda and Fury find the two of them and bring them over to the Mobius Chamber. Miracle is there and demands that he takes Terrific’s Boom Spheres, thinking that they are strong enough to destroy Darkseid. However, using them on the guy only frees him from his energy bubble.


There’s honestly not much to comment on here that I haven’t already said. I like some of the directions the comic is taking, but it feels slow going at points. The writing is perfectly fine, but nothing ever really jumps out about it. The characterization and dialogue are good as well. Finally, there is the artwork that is also just fine, but doesn’t mix too well together. There was just nothing truly notable about this issue to discuss and that’s honestly sad. The book isn’t bad, just rather forgettable.

Most Memorable Moment

Is It Good? Earth 2: World's End #10 Review
And this storyline ends right here for the issue right before it gets good.

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