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Is it Good? The Wicked + The Divine #7

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Is it Good? The Wicked + The Divine #7

Laura, after Inanna revealed that the two people who tried to assassinate Luci were fans of the gods, gives in and attends the London Fantheon as a guest. Plus, we learn about a possible way to attain a god’s powers AND the elusive 11th god is about to appear.

Is it good?

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The Wicked + The Divine #07 (Image Comics)

Is it Good? The Wicked + The Divine #7

This particular issue is broken into two sections for the two days of the con: Awkward Conversation and Bad Company.

In Awkward Conversation, we open on Laura and Inanna smoking on the roof, recapping what we learned in the last issue — the assassins who tried to kill Lucifer in the first issue were not religious fanatics, but fans of the Pantheon. With that, we dive into the actual convention, which is a fun little nod to anyone who has actually attended one. Laura is now seeing it from both sides, though she’s understandably jaded against being a VIP under the circumstances.

She meets up with Cassandra in the press room, who reveals what the fans might have been after — the Prometheus gambit. You kill a god, you get their powers, i.e. stealing the fire from the gods. A few pages later, we see someone else try this; a former Valkyrie tries to take her revenge on Woden after he humiliates her at a panel, but Minerva takes her out before she can complete her shot. Woden calls the gambit BS — if it were true, he’d be mowing down every god himself, since he can’t use any powers on himself.

Is it Good? The Wicked + The Divine #7
Woden is not happy with his lot in godhood.

In the final section, Bad Company, after making it through the last days of the convention, Morrigan and Baphomet trick Laura into hanging out with them in order to commiserate. Jack Daniels and terrible karaoke with a couple of death gods actually could be entertaining. After emerging from the subway, Laura finally accepts one of the flyers that have been shoved at her all weekend, which reveals that the 11th god has finally decided to come out and play: Dionysus.

Is It Good?

Gillen throws a LOT into this issue, but it never feels rushed. We get the plot about Luci’s would-be assassins forwarded in a great way — I thought the way he used the former Valkyrie and her desperation to regain that position was clever and definitely entertaining. The lure of that power and fame, you see it all the time from former stars at conventions.

I was glad to see more of the pantheon in action. We are as much a part of the Pantheon fandom as Laura was, just as sucked into their drama, and I loved getting more insight into them. The aside about Minerva being the only god to give personal blessings and her parents getting as much money out of her as they can was particularly poignant, especially as she’s the youngest of the pantheon. Minerva and Gary Coleman could have a lot to talk about.

I loved how much McKelvie got to do in this issue. Plenty of action as well as the close-ups that he’s so good at, plus a beautiful use of color. The empty Valkyrie suit was particularly beautiful (I especially liked the pixels in the outfit), as well as the use of white space as Woden leaves her behind.

Is it Good? The Wicked + The Divine #7

I also really enjoyed the convention map by Alison Sampson. Not sure if she or Gillen came up with the god-themed restaurant names, but my pun-loving heart enjoyed every single one.

This comic sucks me in deeply with each issue. I am never sure where the story is going to go or how I’m supposed to feel about the whole set up, and I’m enjoying that ambiguity. This issue was no exception and I can’t wait to see what happens when Dionysus joins the story.

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