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Is It Good? Ei8ht #3 Review

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Is It Good? Ei8ht #3 Review

With the second issue mostly filling in the backstory and providing the true nature of the Meld, we’re definitely looking for some plot progression from this third issue. And possibly more action with The Tyrant. And dinosaurs. Dinosaurs always help.

Is it good?

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Ei8ht #3 (Dark Horse Comics)


This issue begins with a far more detailed explanation of the Meld and outlines the realm’s general infrastructure. The description defines the space as being fluid with the potential for things in the future as well as the past to be absorbed into the Meld which expands the potential of this comic as well as the time travel headaches of behalf of the reader. Albuquerque also continues to produce great artwork; some sketches look a bit rushed, but it’s obvious by the detail that he took his time with most of it, especially capturing the depth in some of the Elder’s eyes.

The plot development is relatively slow for the majority of the issue. There are some more menacing scenes with The Tyrant as he explains his method for extinguishing the Resistance and meanwhile Nila is convinced it’s no mere coincidence the Resistance bears the same symbol as the “8” written on Joshua’s arm . (The way an Elder emphasized the symbol has been with them for generations make me suspect that there’s definitely going to be a whole lot more time travel involved in the “future” issues to come). One great feature of this issue is the inclusion of more dinosaurs. I’m not afraid to sound like an eight year-old when I say I would have been disappointed if they didn’t capitalize on the opportunity to feature these majestic beasts. (Granted I probably wouldn’t have phrased it that way when I was ei8ht, but you get my point. Editor’s note: Dinosaurs r so dam cool!)


Nila and Hari take a ride (yes, a ride) to the capital to stealthily observe the ongoings of the The Tyrant as he plans to move his troops into the rebel encampment. Then they do the dumbest thing possible by waltzing right into the city and at that point it’s obvious that the issue will end with them getting caught. Which it does. There was also a brief, but obvious sexual tension moment which I hope doesn’t escalate into a love affair. It was at this point where I grew really disappointed because up until now this issue has been really mild comparatively.

There had been a few plot points that had irritated me, but it’s the last three pages that makes up for the slow pace and attempts to blow every readers mind. Joshua sends Nila traveling through space in his machine, regains his entire memory, has a moment where he envisions Nila as his wife in the hospital bed back home, comes face to face with The Spear, and Nila crash lands on the same site that the doctor and soldier that were in the introduction to last issue. PSHMASH. That’s the sound of your mind being blown.

Is It Good?

Had I stopped twenty pages into the issue, I would have called this a sub-par issue in comparison to Johnson and Albuquerque’s first two issue. However, naturally I finished the issue and received a thorough mind f@$% and once again am hyping this comic as best I can. Three issues in and Ei8ht still hasn’t let up.

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