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Is it Good? Convergence #4 Review

I’ve attempted to accept the fact that this series is going to be sub-par, that way anything quality that comes out of it will be a happy surprise. Last we left off, the Earth 2 villains were being led into Skartaris by Deimos and the now seemingly handicapped Grayson was about to have a friendly chat with Telos himself. Is it good?

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Convergence #4 (DC Comics)

The majority of the issue takes place in Skartaris with Deimos convincing the team to infiltrate the main castle and take on Warlord’s guards. It’s during the battle the team gets the sneaking suspicion that Deimos may not be exactly who they once thought and later he officially reveals that he just wanted control of Skartaris and to usurp the power of the imprisoned Time Masters. Meanwhile, Grayson and Telos discuss the villain’s plan which is essentially repeating the entire premise of the event. Telos provides Grayson a body coating which not only makes him mobile, but enhances his strength. The two begin to discus the true point of having the worlds battle and Telos flirts with the idea of calling it off, but as persuasive as Grayson’s butt is, Telos remains headstrong and whisks them both to Skartaris, planting them in between a confrontation with Deimos and the heroes.

“Shhhhhh, sleepy Grayson”

Nothing is that blatantly bad in this issue, but it’s just not that good either. King seems to be walking us through the motions of the event rather than getting us hooked and devoted to the storyline. The art was just above par this time around, but did feature some awkward-looking movement and body positions. Thankfully this issue did pose an interesting cliffhanger as Deimos collects the power to release Brainiac and allow him entrance into this world. Now that is exciting. I can get on board with that.

We get it Telos, we’ve heard the premise every single issue now.

On the flip side, it’s hard to get into the whole Skartaris storyline personally. Characters like Deimos, Shakira, and Warlord are too out there for me to become invested in. My personal opinion is that events such as Convergence are supposed to feature more of the popular heroes and feature unique interactions that you normally wouldn’t get within their independent series or even crossovers. Instead, Convergence has employed C-list heroes to assume the limelight and the majority of the readers couldn’t care less about these primitive heroes.

Convergence had the opportunity of featuring some amazing crossovers and so far only the single-shots have tapped into the potential. I want to see Green Arrow battling a vampire Grodd. I want to see some Flashes teaming up. I actually want to see Thomas and Bruce Wayne actually have a conversation! That isn’t what we’ve gotten. (My tantrum is over).

Is It Good?

Better. Things are getting better. We’re moving from bad to more of a neutral when it comes to this series’ quality. With the way this issue ended, I’m optimistic for issue 5.


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