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Is It Good? Star Wars #9 Review

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Is It Good? Star Wars #9 Review

Even with a few hiccups in the series, you can’t say Star Wars hasn’t been epic in all the right ways. From the spectacular art to some awesome action sequences, it feels like the lost film we never knew we wanted. I take a look at the latest issue to ponder the question, is it good?

Star Wars #9 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Star Wars #9 Review

The big reveal everyone has been talking about is Han Solo’s ex wife confronting him and Leia on a planet swarming with Empire ships. Not to mention there are electrical storms going constantly so it’s pretty tough to get on or off, but last month the Empire figured out how and are blasting our rebel heroes on strict orders. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker is attempting to find a Jedi temple to further his training, but gets his lightsaber stolen when asking around on a planet filled with pirates.

Is It Good? Star Wars #9 Review

Overall the plot of this issue from writer Jason Aaron is very good, as the action is tense and the stakes for each hero couldn’t be higher. The Luke sections are the strongest with interesting reveals and the introduction of a new Hutt character that’s actually capable of punching a dude. We also get a fantastic chase sequence and some lightsaber swordplay, too. The cliffhanger isn’t too surprising—how often do we need to see characters fight to the death in an arena?—but the fact that Luke’s Jedi abilities are still barely there means it’ll be fun to watch. Because of this we’re always worried for his safety and really unsure how he’ll get himself out of trouble.

Meanwhile, the Han Solo and Leia portion is dragging on too long. It doesn’t seem like much has happened over the course of the last few issues besides them arguing and standing around. This side of the story appears to be waiting—either for Luke to get to a certain point or for the Empire to get hotter on their tales—but it could really use a change of pace and location. Basically put, give them something else to do!

Is It Good? Star Wars #9 Review
Or maybe you just suck.

Stuart Immonen is without a doubt the better artist this series has ever had. The man knows how to pace action, lay out a story and keep the characters emotive and interesting. It’s so easy to relate to Luke for instance—dangling from a ship and holding on for dear life—because his face is so expressive and relatable. That’s exactly how I’d look when facing that situation! Well, maybe I’d have more tears. He also renders the new Hutt character incredibly well. He’s at once a huge force of power, but also really quite scary. I figure any dude wearing a lightsaber necklace and a good set of sci-fi pirate hook robotic peg legs should be avoided at all costs.

There’s also a fantastic double page spread where Luke has an empowering moment with Jedi lore (I won’t ruin this great scene here) that could have fallen flat given the location, but it pops fantastically due to the art. It reminds us of the magic that is the Force, but also due to the sheer size of the room, how far they’ve fallen. Great stuff.

Is It Good? Star Wars #9 Review
Now that’s badass.

Is It Good?

Star Wars by Jason Aaron does epic and it does it right. The Han Solo portions are dragging, but the rest is top notch stuff.

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