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Baltimore Comic Con 2015: Marvel Panel Recap

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Baltimore Comic Con 2015: Marvel Panel Recap

The Marvel Panel
On Saturday, Marvel had their “The Marvel Panel” with Frank Cho and Greg Pak, who will both be working on the new Totally Awesome Hulk title; Charles Soule, who is currently writing Lando and Civil War and will be working on the upcoming new Daredevil as well as Uncanny Inhumans; and Frank Tieri, who will be working on Black Knight.

All of the panelists focused on their upcoming titles, giving us a little more information on what we can look forward to in the All New All Different Marvel Universe. Let’s start with Daredevil by Charles Soule!

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Baltimore Comic Con 2015: Marvel Panel Recap

As you might already know, Matt Murdock and Daredevil are returning to New York and he will have a brand new Chinese assistant, Blindspot. Murdock is no longer working as a defense attorney. Rather, he has switched sides and begun working as a prosecutor. A lot of the story will take place within Chinatown, having a focus on Blindspot. There will also be a new villain, Ten Fingers. Soule mentioned the tone of the book will not be as light-hearted as Mark Waid’s previous run; instead, noting it skews a little darker, but not relentlessly grim. He compared the book to Night Court and Law & Order. Probably the most interesting factor is the type of artwork the book will have. Soule revealed it will be very similar to Sin City with lots of black and white with touches of red interspersed.

Frank Tieri’s upcoming Black Knight was described as Game of Thrones meets Breaking Bad. He revealed, as of now, the book will run six issues. The story will focus on how Dane ends up in Weirdworld and why he is there. Tieri also talked about Dane as well. He noted he has a necessary addiction and believes that someone has to wield the blade. Tieri hopes to explore this idea and what it means, but also whether Dane’s belief is wrong and if someone actually does have to wield the blade. However, Dane doesn’t just have to worry about the blade; he will also be responsible for the people of New Avalon. The story will also feature flashbacks describing what happened on Earth to get Dane to Weirdworld. In the question and answer portion, Tieri revealed even more details, noting the blade has access to Earth, but it will be very difficult to get to and from Weirdworld to Earth. Dane’s original winged-horse has also been killed, but there may be another winged horse.

Greg Pak and Frank Cho discussed Totally Awesome Hulk where, if you didn’t already know, they revealed Amadeus Cho has become the Hulk. Greg described Amadeus as lacking self-control, a super genius, and the Hulk’s #1 fan. His biggest trait is the fact he believes being the Hulk is the greatest thing ever and that it is a huge opportunity. He also revealed that Amadeus becoming the Hulk came out of one of Marvel’s writing summits whereupon they reached out to Greg to see if he would take on the character he co-created. Although Amadeus has become the Hulk, Greg noted Bruce is not gone and a big mystery that will be explored in Totally Awesome Hulk is figuring out what has happened to Bruce.

Baltimore Comic Con 2015: Marvel Panel Recap

Frank discussed the difficulty of drawing Asian characters and how there is a slippery slope in the fact the drawings of Asian characters can quickly become caricatures. In order to avoid this problem, Frank used a lot of mirrors and took quite a number of selfies and used himself as a reference. He also designed brand new pants and a new arm brace whose purpose will be revealed in the book. Frank has also designed a new villain, Lady Hellbender, who will confront Amadeus.

The discussion returned to Charles Soule to discuss the Inhumans, specifically the flagship Inhuman title he will be authoring, Uncanny Inhumans. The Inhumans are going to take on a pretty large role with at least four titles including Uncanny Inhumans, All New Inhumans, Ms. Marvel, and Karnak. Soule laid out some backstory detailing how the Terrigen mist was released at the end of Infinity and has been travelling across Earth either killing people or giving them superpowers. Due to this fact, Inhumans have been popping up everywhere and Black Bolt and Medusa will be faced with the task of managing the population growth.

In Uncanny Inhumans, Black Bolt and Medusa are separated with Medusa dating Johnny Storm unbeknownst to Black Bolt. Soule believes the dynamic between Black Bolt and Johnny Storm is very interesting to write because Black Bolt is literally the strong, silent type and Johnny Storm is the complete opposite. To complicate the relationship even more, Crystal has returned. She will be the focus of All New Inhumans, a world travelling and adventure book. Soule noted his Uncanny Inhumans will be more of an intrigue book.

Finally, Soule also revealed that Attila has become a nation state similar to Vatican City with an Island Tower just off the coast of New York. During the question and answer portion, Soule also detailed information about Kang and how he will be central to his story. Black Bolt will be going after Kang in order to rescue his son, Ahura.

Baltimore Comic Con 2015: Marvel Panel Recap

The All New All Different Marvel looks to have a lot of depth and a multitude of different stories just among Totally Awesome Hulk, Daredevil, Black Knight, and Uncanny Inhumans. Which new Marvel books are you looking at checking out?

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