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Batman and Robin Eternal #3 Review

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Batman and Robin Eternal #3 Review

The second issue of the new Eternal series turned out great, but that’s mostly due to the great creative team. Speaking of which, the same team, Tim Seeley and Paul Pelletier, are sticking around for the third issue. Can they keep this train rolling? Is it good?

Spoilers below!

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Batman and Robin Eternal #3 (DC Comics)

Batman and Robin Eternal #3 Review

Lead writer: Tim Seeley
Other writers: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
Artist: Paul Pelletier and Scott Eaton


After breaking up the fight between Jason Todd and Cassandra Cain, all of the Robins and the rest of the heroes reconvene in the Batcave to get Harper Row some medical attention. Meanwhile, Poppy Ashermore is removing her trackers and awaiting her next orders from this mysterious Mother character.

Spoiler Corner

Grayson gets into contact with Spyral once again and then gives him the all the details they know about Mother, which isn’t much. It seems as if the description they got about this figure indicates that she may be a human trafficker and “designs” her own human beings.

Another flashback from the past shows Batman taking back Robin (Dick Grayson) to the Batcave after their encounter with fear gear. After Robin describes the effects of the fear gas and its visions, still extremely shaken about it, he asks what Batman saw himself. However, all he says is that he saw nothing.

While everyone is distracted and not paying attention, Cassandra Cain indicates Harper to follow her for some reason, which she does and the two disappear.

The issue ends with Spyral revealing that they manage to track down where some of Poppy’s outgoing calls are going to: Beacon Tower, where Bruce Wayne is currently attending a party. Grayson rushes off to the Tower as we see Bruce being surrounded by several people with hatchets.


While this issue lacked Seeley’s sense of humor or style a lot of the time (it was still there at times and the characterization felt on point), the comic made up for it by having a lot more forward momentum. The last issue was basically about getting all of the characters together and getting a better look at one of the villains, while this seemed like more things were happening. Plus, the ending was a lot stronger and had a better hook to it. As such, the story felt better overall and should get people interested in seeing what comes next.

The artwork was again handled by Paul Pelletier, who did a good job. Notably though, the issue also had several different inkers and also another artist, Scott Eaton, working on the book and you may think it could cause some problems with consistency. To everyone’s credit, it wasn’t really noticeable at all. You couldn’t tell any difference in the inking unless you really studied some of the pages. The same even goes with Eaton’s style, which looks vastly better than his work on Futures End. Sure, it’s all a very typical superhero style and there’s not a lot visually to look at this time around, but the artwork was good overall and that’s what matters.

Best Moment

Batman and Robin Eternal #3 Review
I prefer the term Bat-Butler myself.

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