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Batman and Robin Eternal #8 Review

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Batman and Robin Eternal #8 Review

The last issue of Batman and Robin Eternal was easily the best one yet. Valentine did a fantastic job on writing duty, so let’s see what she can bring in this newest issue. Is it good?

Batman and Robin Eternal #8 (DC Comics)


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Lead Writer: Genevieve Valentine
Other Writers: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
Artist: Alvaro Martinez and Scot Eaton


As we continue with the flashback of Batman encountering Mother Prague for the first time as Bruce Wayne, Grayson meets the woman in the present day. Elsewhere, Cassandra Cain and Harper Row duke it out with a bunch of hypnotized ballerinas that are out to kill them.

Spoiler Corner:

Mother tries to goad Grayson with her taunts about ending her operations in Prague and that fact that he is a “failure that Batman tried to replace.” Grayson ignores her taunts and tries to get the truth from her about whether or not she manufactured a Robin in the past. She says she’ll show him, but only if he follows her and abandons the girls.

After all the fighting is wrapped up, the three heroes catch each other up on what happened. When Row gestures to Cassandra about getting her hair nicked by a knife, Cassandra has a flashback to something bloody and freaks out. She runs off and disappears.

The issue ends with Tim and Jason finding a Tech dealer that may have sold equipment to Mother at some point. However, he seems to be suffering from some sort of drug-induced hallucination.


Sadly, this was kind of a disappointment after such a strong issue last time. The story barely progressed and didn’t end in a very suspenseful manner either. On a story-level, this feels like one of those later issues from the last Eternal weekly that didn’t really do much overall and felt padded. On the plus side though, the creative team still did a great job in all other categories. The characterization felt completely on point and it was nice to see Grayson not give a crap about Mother’s taunting. Martinez’s artwork was really stellar, as he crafted some of the best looking and laid out comic book panels this entire week. Scot Eaton, who also drew part of the comic, did a great job as well.

Most Memorable Moment:


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