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Chew #52 Review

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Chew #52 Review

Savoy gets closer to the truth, as we find out what’s behind the fire writing in the latest installment of Chew. Is it good?

Chew #52 (Image Comics)

Chew #52 Review

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After a brief prologue when Mason Savoy first started his investigation into the Bird Flu, we have Agents Tony Chu and John Colby tackling an interesting case. Apparently the Pope has converted to the Divinity of the Immaculate Ova and two need to figure out why that is. To figure it out, Tony is going to have to take a trip to a place he hasn’t been in a very long time.

Spoiler Corner

Amelia is working on a new sci-fi book, getting inspiration and visions from that tentacle-pineapple fruit thing from Yamapalu. However, her visions may be actually showing her a location in another galaxy, as that mysterious fiery text in the sky appears again.

Speaking of Yamapalu, Tony and John are on their way there to find an FDA asset who disappeared a long time ago and may be held prisonor by the DotIO (they set up base there). The two break into the base and find not only the asset, but Savoy as well. Savoy wants to work Tony, so they can combine their powers and figure out what the hell is going on in recent years. However, our protagonist doesn’t want to (for obvious reasons).

Regardless, the FDA asset has gone completely insane while in the custody of the DotIO and is now just an emotional wreck, carving the alien language from the fiery skywriting into the walls of his cell. Tony bites the guy to see what he can find out and surprise surprise, he gets learns two things: “Chicken is doom” and “We are coming.”


It’s always hard to really talk about Chew. It’s a consistently very good comic that rarely has any problems, and any sort of progress it makes in its story is not usually too obvious. The latest issue is no different; it’s still as consistently written as always, the humor is amusing, the plot actually felt like it made some more forward progression in comparison to the last issue, and the artwork looked great. The major takeaway from the issue is that we seem to be bringing in the extraterrestrial to the comic again and that we finally learned what this message is. What does this mean for the remaining issues and does this connect back to the bird flu? Well, only time will tell at this point.

Most Memorable Moment

Chew #52 Review
I always knew there was something evil about that Boo-Berry cereal.


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