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We Are Robin #6 Review

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We Are Robin #6 Review

The first issue of We Are Robin wasn’t bad, but didn’t leave much of a lasting impression. However, as time has gone on, We Are Robin has slowly become somewhat of a sleeper hit in the Batman line. The writing, characters, and artwork have all gotten a lot better and with the coming of Robin War so it’s time to get back to this title. Is it good?

We Are Robin #6 (DC Comics)


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The Lowdown

The mysterious Talon has Duke and the other Robins cornered. However, instead of trying to kill them, he has an offer: join him and follow the right path that will save the city. A path that will lead them to “become warriors and shed the blood of their enemies.”

The Yays

With this issue, the first arc of We Are Robin closes out and in a really fantastic way. Most of the issue primarily dealt with the teens fighting this Talon, so there’s not a whole lot of story happening here. However, the issue works as a great finale regardless; it’s the culmination of everything that has been building in this arc — learning more about these characters, seeing them come together as a team, finally seeing the villain that’s been pulling the strings, seeing the characters fight him, and being hit with an great ending moment that makes you wonder about the future of the group.

Lee Bermejo’s writing has progressively improved throughout the series and that trend continues in We Are Robin #6. The characterization is so much stronger now than what it was in first few issues; even if we haven’t dived into the background of every character, the Robins no longer feel like strangers. They all feel like fully realized characters with their own issues, goals, and histories. Whether you see one dealing with the immediate fallout of her brother’s death or another still struggling with his former dad’s shady past, you can’t help but feel for everyone here and wonder what fate has in store for them. The pacing, story transitions, and flow of the story are all just fine and there’s no real complaints with them. Frankly, everything comes together very well in this issue.


Speaking of facets done very well, the artwork was absolutely great. The combination of Rob Haynes on breakdowns and Jorge Corona on regular art really made for one of the best issues the two have done so far. The layouts are superb and flow wonderfully from panel to panel, with plenty of action and exciting movement throughout. The angles used look great, the action is intense and bloody, subtle nuances such as the way characters hold themselves when they’re in pain are visual delights and the wild looking style of the book fits the tone of the comic very well.

The Nays

For as good as the comic is, the dialogue is still in need of some work. While there are some great lines, especially in the epilogue, some of what the characters are saying or narrating sounds a bit silly or stilted (like when Duke comments on being shot early in the comic). Probably the worst of it goes to the Talon, who is just monologuing and saying very corny or overwrought things as he talks about how the teens would be better working and following his ideology and methods. While he remains a force to be reckoned with for the characters, he just feels a tad silly and not as menacing as he could be.


Is It Good?

We Are Robin #6 is a great conclusion for this series’ first arc. Everything in the story and with the characters comes together in a strong way, leading to an exciting ride and an appropriately somber ending that makes you wonder what the future holds for these characters and the title. I’m more eager than ever to see what comes next, especially with Robin War on the horizon. If you haven’t checked out the comic yet, make sure to take a look now.

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