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Justice League #46 Review

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Justice League #46 Review

Darkseid War continues this week and things aren’t looking so hot for our JL crew.

Batman is the God of Knowledge but is nowhere to be found and Wonder Woman has to make some quick decisions or the world as we know it might end. Somebody really needs to tell Batman he’s acting like a dingus when he shows back up. Is it good?

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Justice League #46 (DC Comics)

Justice League #46 Review

While this issue opens with a full page outlining all the Justice League’s official god powers this book is really all about Wonder Woman and Mister Miracle going toe to toe with Kanto and other Darkseid minions.

Why does this book matter?

I’m not sure the Justice League has ever been this damn cool. To upgrade them all to god like status/abilities allows their stories to become much larger and more mythic.

Justice League #46 Review
Thanks for the semi recap!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The Crime Syndicate makes a brief appearance and I for one love these characters. There’s a promise of seeing more of them later and the direction the plot is going to use them is quite enticing. Writer Geoff Johns opens with a fight sequence, but turns the wheels of plot midway through in a way that should get fans extra excited. Plus there’s an almost kiss between two characters that finally breaks a New 52 development many fans hated.

Big Barda makes a huge entrance in the issue too and it’s great to see her hammer away and lay down some justice. Francis Manapul kills it in this action sequence with a great use of light to spotlight the godlike strength and speed of the characters. The tender moments are extremely solid too and Manapul does a great job enhancing the sexual tension. It’s these moments that make Mister Miracle a very likable human character.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The final few pages go to great lengths to show us where each of the Justice League is and what they’re doing, which actually proves this isn’t much of a team book. Instead we’re seeing some plot thickening and a somewhat pointless fight as we await the bigger moments for our team. It’s unfortunate because it makes this issue feel like a transitional one more than anything. The quieter moments save it from feeling completely useless though. Speaking of lacking the team Cyborg was in the opening pages but then disappears inexplicably then pops up for one panel later on. Where did he go?!

Justice League #46 Review

Is It Good?

A satisfying action sequence and solid tender character moments propel this into good levels.


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