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Leaving Megalopolis: Surviving Megalopolis #1 Review

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Leaving Megalopolis: Surviving Megalopolis #1 Review

Months ago I raved about Gail Simone’s and J. Calafiore’s Kickstarter-funded graphic novel, Leaving Megalopolis. A year later, the creative team is back with the first issue of a follow-up series: Surviving Megalopolis. Is it good?

Leaving Megalopolis: Surviving Megalopolis #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Leaving Megalopolis: Surviving Megalopolis #1 Review

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The original novel followed lead character Mina as she teamed up and navigated through the rubble of what was once known as Megalopolis, a city whose superheroes mysteriously turned on the citizens. Now, presumably months after the event, the story continues as the heroes-turned-villains start developing a plan and rumors of Mina’s survival spread amongst those who made it out of the city. While it’s fairly straightforward and doesn’t necessarily require reading the original novel, it would certainly help if you want to get the most out of the storyline.

If you loved the novel, which is hard not to, you’re going to love this issue as well. Simone’s recognizably talented writing and plot setup is on display and Calafiore’s unique and original superhero designs are back and feature even more heroic/villainous figures. The plot line for this new arc is a bit contrived and feels very Jurassic-Park-sequels-ey (which is an adjective you may use going forward). The plot may come off as a bit recycled with original characters being called back to the city as others are in need of their knowledge of the area to find survivors. That would be unforgivable if paired with some generic writing, but luckily that isn’t the case.

Leaving Megalopolis: Surviving Megalopolis #1 Review

What I loved most about the original novel was the surprising originality within this new superhero world, which is rare considering how prevalent the genre is in today’s society. Calafiore’s designs continue to be unique and Simone’s writing makes the issue engaging despite its quasi-conventional storyline. However, the issue does include one twist which, while I wish it would have been revealed in later issues, poses as an interesting plot dynamic that I’m excited to see pan out. After the success of the first novel, I have complete and utter faith that this creative duo will produce something successful.

Is It Good?

When I heard Simone and Calafiore were collaborating again I was thrilled. When I heard that it was a sequel to Leaving Megalopolis I was even more excited. This new series has more of an apocalyptic feel to it and is poised to reveal even more supervillain conflict than the first novel. With a blend of original and exciting new characters, Surviving Megalopolis is a solid start to the new story arc.

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