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Surviving Megalopolis #2 Review

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Surviving Megalopolis #2 Review

Surviving Megalopolis got off to a promising start last month and this issue sparks the beginning of the rescue mission. Is it good?

Suviving Megalopolis #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

Surviving Megalopolis #2 Review

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While the introductory issue set up the concept of a return-rescue mission to the apocalyptic setting of Megalopolis, there really wasn’t much depth to the issue. Issue number two not only progresses the current storylines of both the rescue team and Mina, but it also provides some backstory surrounding what’s occurred since the last segment. This retelling takes the form of the court case manuscript that we saw in the first novel and is a key aspect of this issue.

This issue definitely has a lot of fun moments, whether it’s a brief appearance of a new villain or a good chunk of face time with Southern Belle who is slowly making a case for becoming my favorite villain. The interaction the characters have with her in this issue is very telling of the “afflicted” heroes’ current mental state and evidence that there’s actually some humanity still within them (something that was alluded to in the finale of the first novel). This issue also gives a new direction to the series as a whole, and added another component within the storyline as Simone will start pursuing the reason the heroes became corrupt in the first place (Finally! Answers to these long-awaited questions are on the horizon!).

Surviving Megalopolis #2 Review

There is one irksome component about the issue that has to do with the recently assembled rescue team. The mission to Megalopolis begins with a reunion of old faces which follows the pattern of slightly disappointing clichés that I’ve mentioned in both reviews now. Considering the level of importance and danger involved within this rescue, some of the team members are unnecessary and ill-suited for the venture. Luckily, that’s my only complaint because this issue has only built my excitement for this series.

Is It Good?

I enjoyed the first issue and this second one just took it to another level. The writing and art are still on point and the storyline is going more in depth, adding additional sub-plots, and is beginning to answer questions we’ve been asking since the first novel. Everything is looking up for Surviving Megalopolis.


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