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Green Lantern #52 Review

Hal Jordan is changing and even he doesn’t know what’s going on. The Green Lantern powers seem to be changing him, but is it for the better? More importantly, is the story entertaining? Is it good?

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Green Lantern #52 (DC Comics)

To find out more, the official DC summary reads:

Hal Jordan, the last connection to the old order of the Green Lantern Corps, faces his toughest challenge. The Gray Agents are making their final bid to be the new law in the universe, and Hal’s new allies, Trapper, Virgo and his ship, Darlene, will be the first casualties. How far will Hal go to resolve this conflict?

Why does this book matter?

Writer Robert Venditti has managed to make Green Lantern feel as fresh as the day we learned about the Green Lanterns to begin with. The character is wearing a glove these days, but also has a lot more power. He recently faced himself (weird right?) and the only difference was his other self was Parallax. Wicked. Back in outer space, Hal is about to get intergalactic.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The first half of this issue is basically Hal vs. the Gray Agents, each of which has unique powers that push Hal to the limits. Venditti keeps you guessing as far as how Hal can get himself out of the grasp of each Gray Agent and he does so by showcasing his new Green Lantern powers in the process. That makes for a lot of surprises on both sides of the fight. Venditti also pushes this fight to a place that puts Hal’s morality into question, which helps make the characters feel more purposeful.

I’m not so sure about these odds, Hal!

The entirety of this issue is pretty much this one action scene with a bit of exposition to wrap it all up. Venditti’s dialogue is strong and serves to keep the characters honest and interesting in these later moments. The issue itself wraps up putting into question just where Green Lantern is going and how it will change him. It’s an exciting direction that I’m sure most fans will want more of.

The art by Billy Tan is fantastic in this issue, with excellent blocking in the action sequence making it easy to follow. Green Lantern’s powers look excellent too, with great color from Alex Sinclair. You get the sense that Hal is turning into something other than human–almost godlike–and that’s in part due to the color and the glistening effect on his face and body.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Since this entire issue is basically a fight sequence it does end faster than you might like. Hal is still unsure about these new abilities just as we are and you can’t blame him since probably only 20 minutes have passed over the last three issues.

Hal was probably really good at Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots.

Is It Good?

Green Lantern is filled with great action, great art and most importantly his powers convey a sense that, much like in the cosmos, anything is possible.


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