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Wacky Raceland #3 Review

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Wacky Raceland #3 Review

Whose God should we believe in or none at all? Everybody weighs in on their beliefs, or lack thereof. The topic is deep but the cut-downs are just as cruel when we open on our racers in Poseidon’s Toilet. Peter Perfect as an altar boy in a sweaty confessional, oh yeah Dastardly goes there; nothing is off limits for these down and dirty competitors. The racers are speeding through what was once the gorgeous Big Sur roadway and is now a filth ridden, toxic waste bowl filled with a variety of deadly creatures. Poseidon’s Toilet is no joke! A gigantic wave pulls Penelope Pitstop and Dick Dastardly into its clutches and washes them away from the other racers. While the contenders do some aggressive landscaping via chainsaw and repair their vehicles, Dick and Penelope battle demons both real and imaginary as they await a rescue.

Wacky Raceland #3 (DC Comics)

Wacky Raceland #3 Review

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This is the third installment of Wacky Raceland and in this issue Ken Pontac and Leonardo Manco are shaking things up. In issue number one we saw a brief glimpse of Penelope’s hardship, a flood that killed her entire family and wiped out her home. This time we delve deeper into what has shaped Penelope and hardened her heart. Her story is told in simplistic colored pencil drawings that are a stark contrast to the saturated, detailed panels of the collective racers tale. She remembers her stepfather as a malicious Cyclops that unleashed his cruelty on both her and her mother. This is a brilliant departure from the main storyline. The drawings are that of a younger person which helps to set the moment in time that Penelope is recalling. They are simplistic in nature but effective in depicting rage, fear and revenge.

Wacky Raceland #3 Review

We do not know when we started watching this race. It’s not like issue one opened on the starting line. How long has this emotionally damaged, psychologically wounded band of rebels been driving? The world we remember is nowhere to be found in Big Sur/Poseidon’s Toilet or any of the previous landscapes we have encountered. Each race unveils another devastation and examines our racers’ lives a bit more.

A strong camaraderie is building between the competitors. There is of course the rule; “you can’t let your fellow racers die” which ties them together, but how could they not bond throughout this ordeal? There is also the common distaste for Dick Dastardly which ties the group together. Alternately, they all seem to respect Penelope and view her as worth saving. As this story progresses you witness moments of humanity during some of the direst times. This makes me wonder what the Announcer’s end game is. Is this one big psychological experiment to see if there is any sense of humanity left or are they just a sick individual that likes to see people suffer?

Did I like It? Yes. The banter between racers is sharply funny and sometimes downright cruel. Wacky Raceland makes the perfect cocktail using 2 parts action, 1 part humor and a dash of drama.

My Fears? That we will never learn who or what the Ant Hill mob are. I mean they are short little men that dress alike and have some sort of skin condition. I have to know what’s happening there.

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