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The Prowler #1 Review

Spinning out of the current Clone Conspiracy event, Hobie Brown (aka The Prowler) gets a brand new series all to himself.

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Is it good?

The Prowler #1 (Marvel Comics)



  • Bank robbers using superhero masks. Probably not a good idea in this universe.
  • prowler2016001_int_lr2-8

  • “I’m not a hero.” Ugh, seriously?
  • I don’t envy Jackal having to babysit all these lunatics.
  • I know Jackal’s trying to seem like the good guy here, but he’s still creepy.
  • I hear ya, Hobie. Old school Madame Web gives me the willies, too.
  • Huh?
  • Is It Good?

    The art is, that’s for sure.

    The soft color palette is a little off sometimes, but otherwise, Jamal Campbell’s pencils are great. He also draws some truly exceptional action sequences.


    As far as the story is concerned, Sean Ryan’s script is perfectly fine. He gives Hobie a good voice, makes the Jackal seem ambiguously malicious, and portrays the New U collection of villains perfectly.

    Unfortunately, the narrative pretty much stops there. We get a bunch of background info that has already been covered in the Spider-Man titles (a necessary evil of starting a new series) followed by what supposed to be the start of a major conflict. Instead, the issue ends on a cliffhanger with no weight or purpose. We have no idea why Hobie is in danger or what he was even doing.

    That being said, it’s still a solid opening chapter. Considering how good Ryan’s dialogue is (and Campbell’s aforementioned beautiful art), I’ll definitely be sticking around to see what comes next.


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