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Batman Vol. 10: Epilogue Review

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Batman Vol. 10: Epilogue Review

The end of New 52 also signaled the end of Scott Snyder’s epic Batman run, which has already earned its place within the character’s long and infamous history. Snyder’s final chapter has finally hit shelves in a hardbound collection. But is it good?

Batman Vol. 10: Epilogue (DC Comics)


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Snyder’s Bloom story arc was, for all intents and purposes, the climatic end for Snyder’s run. However, there were two issues left to hit the magic “52” mark so DC rounded up some extra issues and pulled together a Volume 10, Epilogue (because let’s be honest, ten volumes sounds better than nine). Epilogue includes issue #51 – #52 as well Batman Annual #4 and, oddly enough, Batman’s Future’s End single shot before ending with Batman: Rebirth #1. Between all five of these issues, Scott Snyder and James Tynion give the Dark Knight a sendoff that wraps up the current storyline and can serve as authentic standalone Batman issues.

Despite it being published years before, the Future’s End issue really sets the tone for the collection as a whole. Between this glimpse into the future and the finale issues of the New 52 era, all of these issue assert the character’s “timeless” notion before ending with Rebirth’s glimpse into the next phase for Tom King’s run. Between Snyder, Tynion, and Fawkes, each issue plays a significant role in paying tribute to Batman. Fawkes’ Batman Annual #4 serves as a testament to Bruce’s heroism even without the cowl, Snyder’s issue #51 symbolizes Batman’s presence as Gotham’s watchful protector, and Tynion’s issues #52 depicts Batman’s ascension to his role as a superhero. Despite only being five issues long, this volume provides a wholesome narrative that explores every characteristic present within our favorite hero.


These featured issues were headed by various celebrated writers and an equally talented art team with each issue illustrated with a different artistic style. Aco, Roge Antonio, and Riley Rossmo all understand what it takes to depict a worthy Batman issue, but there’s still a noticeable disparity between their work and that of the now grizzled veteran, Greg Capullo and the new heir to the Batman illustrator throne, Mikel Janin. Issue #51’s final collaboration between Capullo and Snyder will hit an emotional chord with any reader that’s been following the series, especially when contrasted with the other creative teams.

Is It Good?

Despite the volume initially appearing to be a hodgepodge of assorted Batman stories, all of these narratives tie in perfectly to create a satisfying Dark Knight motif. Epilogue is the perfect send off for Snyder’s Batman and introduction to Tom King’s era.


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