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Green Valley #6 Review

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Green Valley #6 Review

Max Landis is off his rocker. Well, maybe not literally, but he’s crafting a wild ride of a story with crazy new reveals every issue. We’re nearing the end of the series, but that doesn’t mean the quality of the story is dropping! We review, but is it good?

Green Valley #6 (Image Comics)

Green Valley #6 Review

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So what’s it about? The official summary reads:

The knights of Kelodia are the finest in the land, but they’ve never faced a POWER like the one that resides in the GREEN VALLEY. Now they’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime—to stop a wizard and slay his dragons—but there’s no such thing as magic or dragons… is there?

Why does this book matter?

Landis has revealed most of his cards (I think!) so far in the last 5 issues, which means it’s time for the knights to kick some wizard butt. Time travel, dinosaurs, oh man, this thing has it all, and it all looks incredibly good due to Giuseppe Camuncoli’s pencils.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Green Valley #6 Review
You can never run fast enough!

The last two issues have left me wanting more, but that’s not the case here. Landis may open this issue with the heroes fleeing for their lives, but it ends with the promise that retribution is in order. One of the most successful elements of this issue is how Landis makes the villain a real bastard. You want to see this dude get what’s coming to him, in part because of how he treats our heroes, but also because we learn what his deal is later in the issue. How we learn this information is via an interesting–and surprisingly fresh–time travel moment. I say no more to avoid spoilers, but it’s a fun scene.

Outside of this, Landis is doing well to show us how the knights are feeling. Answer: Not good at all. They’ve lost friends, their pride is hurt, and they don’t even know if they can be the heroes they thought they were anymore. Landis rubs their anguish right in their faces with a key scene for the wizard bastard, which further makes you want some wicked revenge. As is customary for Landis in this series, the dialogue shows off a lot of the character work.

Camuncoli draws some impressive moments in this issue, from buildings breaking apart with crazy blue light, to a fine full page splash as a dinosaur nears (see below). A key scene heavy on exposition is rendered in with a very cool science fiction look similar to something out of Tron that keeps the mysteriousness and weirdness of the scene interesting. Camuncoli’s biggest strength in this issue is in the faces, and with our fearless knights we see every wrinkle of pain they’re going through. The wizard’s bastard nature is rendered well via his facial expressions that convey his careless arrogance for human life. The dude needs to die already!

Green Valley #6 Review
Damn, that sky is pretty!

It can’t be perfect can it?

I’m not sure the cliffhanger was the best place to leave the reader. At the moment the issue closes we can gather what will happen next, but it’s not all that dramatic. The next issue is going to need a lot of planning and plotting which would have been nice to have seen here.

Is It Good?

This nine part story is nearing the home stretch and there’s hell to pay by god! This series impresses via its characters writing, ideas, and art. You’ll be most surprised to find yourself wishing the villain horribly massacred and rooting for a killing. Bring on the mayham!

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