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Savage Things #2 Review

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Savage Things #2 Review

I enjoyed the first issue of Savage Things. BUT…

Savage Things #2 (Vertigo)

Savage Things #2 Review

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I was not convinced it was for me. Opening up with a child coming home to find his parents murdered just felt shocking for shock’s sake. And I was right.


Sometimes you give things a second chance, and figure that if the first issue was solid, if a bit sketchy, maybe issue #2 will perk things up. Consider me Perked as F--k.

Savage Things #2 Review

We open with Abel, our mysterious psycho from the last issue, he of the dead parents, captured by the government. I want to pause here to call out the artwork of this issue, with its heavy use of shadow, and that particular shade of government industrial green – it’s just fantastic. The art was good in the first issue, but this takes it to a new height and expands the scenes dramatically.

Savage Things #2 Review

Abel has been recaptured by the gubmint to do one thing – investigate the deadly hotel attack and to find out if his former Spec Ops team of nutjobs is responsible. The sketchy as hell, pretty evil hero is going on a find and kill mission. Hell, yes.

Here’s my best analogy as to how this book feels while reading it. If you made a Jason Bourne movie, only you filmed it from the perspective of one of the stone cold emotionless killers tracking Bourne down – you’d get something like this: cold and aloof, and not here to deal with any bullshit. I don’t think the bad guys will live long enough to give their flowery speeches, and Abel goes as far as shooting a hostage, TWICE, to defuse a stand off.

Savage Things #2 Review

Someone dial this. I dare you.

Savage Things #2 Review

“Kay boys, pack em up – they’re not talking”

Even though I’m not a fan of the anti-hero angle, or the psychopath used by the government angle, holy hell am I a convert.

This book was a nonstop screaming explosion of death and destruction and foreshadowing that has me excited as hell for what’s coming next.

Savage Things #2 Review
Savage Things #2 Review
This book is out of control, and I'm loving it
While we've seen these set pieces before, even arranged closely to this - the comic medium is allowing a brutal story to unfold.
No bullshit villain explanation panels! HE JUST KILLS THEM!
Abel is a piece of s--t, but he's becoming OUR piece of s--t.
I'm still feeling the cliche tones here, and they are obvious.
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