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Silver Surfer #10 Review

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Silver Surfer #10 Review

The cosmic adventure continues as Dan Slott and Mike Allred weave a poetically beautiful story, each issue rife with surprises and adventure. Seriously, there is nothing else like it on the stands but for fairness’ sake we still have to ask the question: is it good?

Silver Surfer #10 (Marvel Comics)

Silver Surfer #10 Review

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So what’s it about? Read our preview to find out more.

Why does this book matter?

I’ve met folks who tell me Mike Allred’s work isn’t for them and to them I say, “Are you nuts?!” The style is so retro and cool. Plus, it’s always nice to see something a little different on the stands with most comics going full hyper detailed. On top of this, I think it’s clear Slott may love Spider-Man, but his real romance is with Silver Surfer. He’s been telling wild science fiction stories with heart. You can’t miss this.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Silver Surfer #10 Review
That mouth…it can only be…

This issue opens with Dawn and Silver Surfer enjoying themselves as they coast into new regions of space Silver Surfer hasn’t even seen. The point is made by Silver Surfer that without Dawn, he’d never experience so many new things. If you’ve ever been in love you can relate. Of course, their utter happiness is thwarted when some cosmic event pops in, and based on the preview you can see it’s Galactus! He’s changed however, which puts an interesting slant on this issue. Slott has effectively made Galactus all good, but goodness comes at a cost too. Our heroes make a decision to do a good thing, but it puts them at a great risk. The story ends up feeling huge and touches on the wonderful cosmic characters you don’t normally get to see everyday.

The beauty of this series is when it can pull off fantastic ideas in a done in one format. This issue is no different. The characters are clearly in love, encounter a great conflict, and thwart it. By the end you’ll feel satisfied and embracing of the warm and fuzzies.

Mike Allred is a big reason why. The guy can draw cosmic like it’s nothing even when it’s bigger than comprehension and larger than life. Galactus looks fantastic, especially in these yellow duds (hard to pull off) and a major cosmic character pops in later looking gloriously huge. This issue is filled with double page layouts that help tell the story in a retro sort of way (the panels actually bend and aren’t straight) which helps showcase the size of Galactus. Later, Allred uses white space in a really cool way which reminded me of the classic “Duck Amuck” Looney Tunes episode. It’s a clever way to show the unthinkable vastness of the edge of space. Laura Allred once again makes this comic pop and, really, color is 50% of what makes the cosmic aspects of the Marvel Universe sing. She makes it sing alright!

Silver Surfer #10 Review
Dun dunnn dunnnnn!

It can’t be perfect can it?

Science nerds may have qualms with some details about the Big Bang Theory.

Ultimately this is a lighter issue for the series. It’s not filled with quite so many cool ideas as in previous issues and the threat is more of an incidental thing.

Is It Good?

Silver Surfer is the wonderful, feel good comic series that quells any bad mood. This issue, and the series as a whole, captures the wonder of the universe, love between two people, and the fun of glorious adventures. Read this!

Silver Surfer #10 Review
Silver Surfer #10
Is It Good?
Gorgeous, fun, and filled with wonder.
Strong art as always with great color and impeccable at capturing the largeness of the cosmic
Dawn and Silver Surfer's love is strong!
A fun done in one story that involves a new look for Galactus
A lighter issue with fewer big ideas and threats
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