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Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Comic Books

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

The sharpest memory can be solidified by a single panel, let alone the art in an entire comic book. That’s why we here at AiPT! have made it our duty to find the best of the bunch every month. Below you’ll find the panels that struck us most strongly. So strongly, in fact, that we just had to comment, joke, and make merry!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Dream On

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

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Written by Marc Sumerak | Art by Andrea Di Vito
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: If Drax is on sax, is Groot on the flute?

Patrick!: GET OUT DAVE. OUT.

Jason: I don’t remember Gamora being in The Lost Boys, but I can’t think of another time that I’ve seen a shirtless saxophonist in leather pants.


Aquaman #21

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Written by Dan Abnett | Art by Brad Walker
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: I don’t know what’s more uncomfortable, the weird teeth connected to nothing, or the strange monster breasts.

Patrick!: …Didn’t notice the monster breasts until you mentioned it, so thanks for that. Now that we’re talking the monster, though, it’s got some booty going too.

Dave: New member of Destiny’s Child replacing Beyonce?

Jason: This thing is just a laundry list of poor design choices. If that is its butt, then what the hell is that underbelly moving forward from under the boobs? Let’s not even touch the fact that this looks like some kind of DeviantArt hybrid of Deadpool and Carnage

Cam: Jason, you’re forgetting the most important part: that it has a butt AND boobs, AND we can see both in the same panel.

Eric: Wait … this thing has a butt AND a snake-like tail?

Green Arrow #21

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Written by Benjamin Percy | Art by Juan Ferreyra
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: A gorgeous page in all its horrific glory. I’d hate to be the dude chilling on his headphones (middle bottom).

Cam: I feel like the blood smears are a LITTLE over the top though. We get it.

Dog: And realistically, that guy would have been blown forward from the shockwave of the window shattering. But still, very striking. I love neat uses of perspective to connote motion.

Motor Crush #5

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Created by Babs Tarr, Brendan Fletcher, Cameron Stewart
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: I simply loved this double page layout. It shows intense speed in a 3-D sort of way. Top notch!

Alyssa: Huge hat tip to the colorist as well. The pinks and purples really make this page pop. Perfection!

Dog: Same kind of idea as above, but the fast object is moving past us instead of toward us. Nuanced, subtle differences that communicate different things. Comics are good!

Captain America: Steve Rogers #15

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Written by Nick Spencer | Art by Jesus Saiz
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dog: So if Cap had the “naked at school” dream, he’d be on a sex offender list right now?

Chris: Captain America is also loyal to Marvel’s next big event: On sale NOW!

Dave: As if Nick Spencer didn’t think it was clear enough, he ends the Red Skull with brains all over the rocks. Yuck.

Patrick!: Those are Xavier’s brains though, right? I feel like the brain in the Skull’s skull is too complicated for me lately.

Jason: Nope, he got lobotomized in Uncanny Avengers. It turns out spreading your story across a million different titles means some readers miss important points.

Cam: +1 point for making this an unambiguous ending. They didn’t pull the punch, they didn’t leave room for Red Skull to slink away. But -100 points for making this move in the most gratuitous way possible.

Titans #10

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Written by Dan Abnett | Art by Bret Booth
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: The sad truth is folks would actually see Pizza Fish the Movie.

Cam: Damn right, I would pay for a full price ticket to see Pizza Fish in theatres.

Dog: That Batman doll has seen some s--t.

Suicide Squad #15

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Written by Rob Williams | Art by John Romita Jr.
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Probably the only instance of sarcasm being used for semi-good.

Cam: What are the sexist expectations, though? That women can’t be shot? Or if shot, they should just take the bullet dutifully? I’m unclear on her point…

Dog: Harley Quinn channeling the film’s director at the bottom there. “Now open your mouth and vibrate your head for about 30 seconds!”

Harley Quinn #17

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Paul Dini | Art by Bret Blevins
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: I don’t think Joker is ready for Harley’s jelly.

Dog: I don’t know, he’s showing off the back strength of an Alaskan lumberjack in that second panel.

Cam: What a tone shift from Suicide Squad to her own title

Superman #20

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Written by Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi | Art by Patrick Gleason
Publisher: DC Comics

Dog: That’s what she said. 🙁

Dave: Truth be told, Batman is more of a Twinkies kind of guy.

Patrick!: “Leave the coffee pot. Go make 11 more gallons.”

Jason: Considering his bat abs, I’m pretty sure Bats steers clear of carbs more often than not.

Cam: I don’t know the context for this, but like, the “normal people” line is a joke, right? Because in the DC Universe, going out to a suburban home and having a quiet slice of pie in FULL BAT ARMOR, CAPES AND ALL is actually a pretty regular occurrence.

Mighty Man #1

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Written and drawn by Erik Larson
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: Well, since you asked, due to rampant gerrymandering and fake news…

Dog: Time travelers. It’s just science.

Dark Horse Presents #33

Created by Ryan Browne (colors by Sean Dave)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017
Dave: The sad truth is this cover is too intense for anyone who didn’t grow up in the 90s!

Eric: My favorite thing about parodies of 90s art is that no matter how ridiculous they get, they’re still more sane and well-drawn that what they’re spoofing.

Dog: You guys are sleeping on the sly hiding of feet. Authentic.

Secret Empire #0

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Written by Nick Spencer | Art by Daniel Acuña
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Cap goes all Darth Vader in this page and I love it.

Patrick!: I request he grows a big bushy beard, a la Maestro. All the good bad guys need long bushy beards.

Dog: I want Daniel Acuña to draw my life. It would be bleak and dark, with an occasional inset, but it would be f-----g incredible.

Silver Surfer #10

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Written by Dan Slott | Art by Mike Allred
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Chris: Silver Surfer … still mad at Fox for Fantastic Four 2

Dave: Why do I want to see this panel followed up with an intergalactic Taco Bell panel and Surfer and Quasar choking on a Chalupa?

Dog: “What if … The Silver Surfer had chosen WIMPY as his companion instead of DAWN GREENWOOD??? He’ll gladly pay Tuesday for cosmic awareness today!”

X-Men: Blue #1

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Written by Cullen Bunn | Art by Jorge Molina & Matteo Buffagni
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Chris: Setting up Marvel’s next major X-Men event: X-Men Vs. Hipsters.

Patrick!: See? Bushy beard for people who started off as heroes and turn evil.

Cam: Like, I know the joke is that Cyclops is a fuddy duddy, but isn’t he supposed to be a teenager? What teenager longs for the time of barbershops? Also, no, Jean honey, he would look TERRIBLE with a hipster beard.

Dog: In the Marvel Universe, 13 years ago was 50 years ago. Someone forgot to set the Doom locks.

Dave: Cyclops is nearly more square than Cap in the 70s!

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #7

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: In the Bane voice, “Calm down, deer! Now’s not the time for fear. That comes later.”

Dog: Well, he did sound like he was narrating a fairy tale. Too bad he’s on the wrong side and can’t make the full transition to Disney princess.

Ms. Marvel #17

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – April 2017

Written by G. Willow Wilson | Art by Takeshi Miyazawa
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Alyssa: It’s easy to feel cynical about the world, but Ms. Marvel manages to show exactly the kind of world we want to see, but how it takes people to be brave to make it happen. This panel made me so happy, without irony.

Dave: “Imagine what would happen if compassion were normal.” Wow, that’s such a powerful statement and its meaning is so needed these days.

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